Designed to flourish and bear fruit

"I will be to Israel as dew; He will blossom like a lily, and will extend its roots as the Lebanon. Its branches will extend and be his glory as the olive tree, and it aromatizing as the Lebanon. They will return and will sit under its shade; will be quickened as wheat, and grow as the vine; its smell will be as of the Lebanon wine" Hosea 4:5-7

In this beautiful passage, Dios compares our life with the be more beneficial to the creation: the tree. If we present this comparison, we will then understand that God is for us that spray that refreshes, invigorates and creates green every morning our life, so that it has to meet the following characteristics:

-Powerful roots that sustain him firmly: Speaks of a strong character, safe and radical thus rests in God and his eternal principles

-Branches that grow and spread extremely: Speaking of a prosperous life that is enriched to others

-Glory as the olive tree (by the valuable oil which give its fruits and divine because it has come to be the emblem of prosperity, beauty, strength, peace and blessing): Strength, beauty, prosperity and a sweet peace of mind

-Perfume like the Lebanon (very fertile soil of magnificent forests): Beneficial influence which spreads everywhere and reaches all the people

-Shade which rests and encourages: Presence that accompanies and supports, encourages and consoles

-Fruits that affording the hungry: Deeply known and transmits the word of God

-Flowers that brighten up the heart: It is noticeable at lifetime true beauty

-Smell that delights the soul : Always carries the smell of Christ where it goes. Many men and women have longed for this supernatural life but have rejected all efforts of God to interact with them in a personal and intimate way. When each of us understands that which sustains us is the Lord giving us powerful roots on which support and assert ourselves, then we will understand that our only responsibility is to remain there where we are supported and made alive.

"My Lord, thank you for the rest and this new day that we allow to live in family, have a home, a few daughters (or), a wife (or), friends and receive your blessing." Today you pay our hearts, we ask that you spread it and sestets with the rivers of living water emanating from your holy spirit. Our spirit and soul need to be quickened by your love, so that I may give beneficial and wonderful fruits to brighten your heart and that of all those who you've put around us, , Please grant us a firm, safe and radical that my God is based on Ti and character in your eternal principles, tea please my good father God who we allow to live a prosperous life that is enriched to giving ourselves to others gives us that strong, safe and radical character that is always based on Ti and your eternal principles, gives us the strength to follow you without weakening, beautify our lives with your teaching, gives us prosperity and a sweet peace of mind. Let us be beneficial influence which spreads everywhere and reaches all the people, that your holy presence with us support, we encourage and comfort, let us take fruits that affording the hungry and be like flowers that brighten up the heart of others. Get the person you want to be, we you are for us that spray that refreshes, invigorates and creates green every morning our lives". Amen.

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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