"The Lord is the portion of my heritage and my cup; You support my luck. The ropes fell me in pleasant places, and beautiful is the inheritance that has touched me “Psalm 16:5-6

Fears about the present and the future, usually lead us to live a restless, anxious and even anguished. Every day we hear stories sad and disheartening that in some way, affect our lives, and that coupled with personal and family difficulties, they make it very common nowadays, suffer from emotional instability, feeling on some occasions full of strength and courage to confront problems, but in others, completely defeated and frustrated.

Can only counter it this instability when we rely on God to trust him, to give our present and let that you guide us into the future, because only he knows the right path we must follow to find life, health and blessing. This is what experienced King David, who had to live many difficult situations that filled her fear and insecurity, but where He decided to rely on God, understanding that he was their portion in the land of the living, his inheritance, his Cup, their fate. When we have this certainty, we learn to wait on it reliably, resulting in the favor of God who surprises us with tremendous responses, with his love, his provision and its peace in the midst of the storm. Trusting God generates stability and tranquility.

God knows in detail our lives and our future. If we are unsure of tomorrow, or we have purposes to begin with, but we don't know if that's what suits us, or if on the contrary, already undertook a project, but uncertainty about the same; or perhaps, living pursuit, the invitation is for rest in that one who knows everything and has for us a future of blessing. Ask him in our life plans, compliance since they are much higher than ours. Let's start to make use of his word and of course the sentence, the beautiful tool that King David used daily, and that brought rest and peace to your life, to the point that despite being pursued and in danger of death, even dared to say that he couldn't sleep calm. (Psalm 3:1-6)

"Blessed father, thank you for once again being in your presence, for allowing us to kneel before you, to have desires, dreams and life with purpose by your side. Thank you give us a new day, to have a home, a family, wife (or), daughters (os), a work and because you support our lives. What great security gives us this day! The most extraordinary promises you bring to our heart! We are filled with enthusiasm, security and infinite peace. Lord, thank you for extending your mercy and protection over our lives, here in the intimate and secret do we know wisdom, because in your light I see the light, because although we are living valleys of loneliness and death, thy rod and your infuse us breath, we are healthy and free with your holy spirit, restores our hearts, because you give us life with purpose Let us rebuild our lives according to your will, grace and your power descend upon us, thank you for your forgiveness and freedom, yours is the power, you govern, your direct, who run but to thee my deliverer. Each step will give it to you; will not be more alone and away from Ti. I bless your name and your grace is sufficient for me Father God fill us with your strength and courage to face our problems, you're our support, Ti only we trust, to you we will give you our present and guide us toward a future, only you know the correct path where we find life, health and blessing. In you we are confident because we will receive your blessing, you will open doors, find freedom and we will receive your favor and wise response. Meet your plans on us, because they are much higher than ours. Amen".

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro ".


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