"Jesus said to them: I am the bread of life;" which to me is, will never hunger; and believe in me, shall never thirst"(John 6:35)

We can say for the disciples was not difficult to assimilate this type of teachings of Jesus. Who knew perfectly even if Jesus had been fed the hungry and with their own eyes they had seen to sprout bread baskets unless they be exhausted to have nourished a whole crowd of thousands, He didn't talk about them just the physical nutrient.

I think that while Jesus was speaking, came to their minds known scenes who since they opened their eyes to the world, your senses: as flakes of cotton flocks happily decorating green countryside of Israel, warmed by the sunshine and the shepherds running after them, playing while their parents were looking for a source of clean water for watering them and pastures more tender to feed them. Only who knows very well the Office of pastor, knows that sheep are helpless and defenseless animals, which by their nature are shy, short sight but with a very sharp ear, which easily fold if they don't soon fresh food and plenty of water.

Only who has taken care of sheep, could speak in this way and achieve a real and profound understanding of his message. They now knew that the message was Jesus as his pastor, and to them as the sheep of the flock. This meant that they had to rely on completely of it for their support, guidance and protection. It was clear, that he was willing to exercise its work with delivery, with deep love and patience. The results would depend only on them, like sheep, believe, come, and always remain close, forming part of the herd, carefully listening to the voice of their Shepherd and leaving guide pasture that will never hunger; and believe in me, shall never thirst.

To us, the good Shepherd Jesus Christ, invites us so we take the food of his word which nurtures us, heals and develops. How can do it? Through five steps which will become our five-way power, by way of daily practices that become habits of life, namely: Hear it, read it, study it, memorize it and meditate it. Let's start today itself, and shall not anymore, want us!

"My Pastor, thank you for the night of rest, to lift us and remember how wonderful that you are with us, let us be with you." We thank you for the joy of being in your presence, for that wonderful family that has given us, home, our wife (or), daughters (or), parents, brothers (a) and family in faith. You acclaim and praise you for all that you gave us, you give us the light to the right, you glorify, today you sing, you will continue, because you are worthy of all honor, we prostrate before thee, in thee we find our breath and bread of life, we recognize that the Lord is God; He made us and not we ourselves; his people are, and sheep of your lawn. Thank you for making us part of your wonderful fold. Teach me to know you more each day. Sharpen our ear to listen, it sensitizes our heart to believe you, it invigorates our desire to obey you. Your spirit we strengthen to follow your advice and your instruction and thus be a submissive little sheep you can care for and feed in the best pastures, in the wealthiest drinkers. We have our lives to develop the habit of hear, read, study, memorize and meditate in thy Word. We will make it our Manual for life, our compass, our navigation menu. "You’re our good Shepherd, your never abandon us, always took care of us because you’re our bread of life and our eternal breath." Amen"

Forward it to people who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro ".


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