"Answered Job unto the Lord, and said: I know all it can, and that there is no thought that hide you." Who is that obscures the Council without understanding? Therefore, I spoke what not understood; Things too wonderful for me, which I didn't understand. Hey, I pray thee, and I will speak; you ask and you show me. Heard you had heard; "More my eyes see you now" (Job 42:1-5)

A length of life and having lived through many challenges, challenges, teachings and realizations, we can say with certainly that experience more pleasant, the most exciting, the most sublime, it is to know God. Now well, this knowledge is only possible by the infinite mercy of God, who reveals himself to us and gives us to know . This is possible when we receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, as he pours in us his spirit, which in turn gives us the ability to interact with the father of a close, close and intimate way. Began to discover truths wonderful, as for example, that he is love and truth, it is justice and peace, who is Almighty, and that we can give our life to lead the it, our mind and emotions to make him the check, our will so that it leads to everything . This necessarily implies a change deep and radical in our whole being and of course, administering multiple blessings.

There is a man in the Bible, who lived long believing to know God, but what I had, it was superficial information about him, which wasn't him enough to keep faith in the middle of the test, as it succumbed to it, coming to think that God had abandoned it completely. It's Job, the man who had everything: assets, wealth, honor, friends, family, health, etc. However, at one point of his life befell him a hard personal process, losing absolutely everything, finally sinking in sadness and bitterness, coming to claim God and to doubt his love and mercy, until, finally, truly met with him and began to really know.

It was then when started the restoration of this man, to understand in the intimate of his being who was the Almighty and Eternal God who loved him and had a lofty purpose for his life. There was no claim, there was no questions, only a vehement and deep respect towards him who had done with your fingers the universe, who all had it under control and for whom absolutely nothing was impossible. The biblical account says us to this man's life changed dramatically in that it changed your relationship with your Creator, now a cold, distant, tradition-based relationship, not a close, close, based on love. Many times we think that difficult times are the excuse to turn away from the Lord, but not so, since it is precisely in these processes of affliction where can know him closely, and actually experience who he is, and then, start experiencing all the blessing that he longs to pour in our life.

"Holy Father, again thank you my good father for allowing us to be with you, to be able to meet you more, because you had previously heard, but today we can say that you really see in our parents, family, wife (or), daughters, home, brothers, in all our activities..." Today we ask you to give us a new heart, that is sensitive to discover that burning e intense love yours spilling on us, pointing the path where I walk and which, it will be your blessing. Your us wear it's all power and makes possible all our ways, your we do free, stable happy, we are before you for your timely help, our voice rises in this prayer and whatever your holy spirit who we guide you by your two blessed. Every day we discover in Ti your wonderful truths, your love and understand that you are true, you are justice and peace, who are all-powerful, and who can we surrender our lives to be your my God who lead them. We will give you our minds and emotions so that you the controls, our will to take you us to act well and according to thy commandments and teachings. Today we claim anything, do not question anything, there are only in our hearts a vehement and deep respect towards you my good God, who has everything under your control, and absolutely nothing is impossible. We ask you Father God to radically change our relationship with you, that is not cold, distant, based on tradition, but is close, close, based on love, that difficult times we not away from Ti, and is, precisely in those processes where can you learn more about, and actually experience who you, and affliction to start experiencing all the blessing of your loving God longs to spill into our lives. Heard you had heard; "More now my eyes see you." Amen.

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro ".


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