"Lord is in the midst of you, powerful, he will save you;" you will enjoy over you with joy, you rest of love, he will rejoice over you with singing"(Zephaniah 3:17)

Joy is part of the inheritance that God has for his children. It is an ingredient of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives, whose largest effect is to produce strength so that we can face successfully the demands of life, as understand it perfectly Nehemiah, the great leader of the people of Israel, who constantly claimed: “The joy of the Lord my strength is" (Nehemiah 8:10)

However, there are many people who are not happy. Daily we know many people for whom joy walked away for a long time in their lives, and now it is so unattainable, as if it were a luxury that cannot be.

Some excuse us in temperament or our way of being. We are irritable, bother easily, we are prevented, and we don't want that no one "will get into our lives". We say have organized our way life and do not want anyone to interfere. There is a very clear reason for this: in the struggle to find meaning in our lives and in the belief that we can look independent of God, we men create our own identity, our own security sources, and put as an object of love superficial things. In other words, men create our own source of joy.

Again and again, we found that behind the unsuccessful efforts, expensive, purely emotional, there is but a deep vacuum. "However, many insist that deluded of happiness pursuit, as sadly warns the Lord, through the Prophet: “In the multitude of your ways you tired, but not you said: there is no remedy; you found renewed vigor in your hand, so you do not desalinate"(Isaiah 57:10)

We do not know that there is a whole exciting and happy life at our disposal. A joy that belongs to God and that we can begin to enjoy if we unite our lives to Christ's.

Jesus experienced this joy as he walked to the cross, then, although the death that awaited him was not a cause of joy, doing the will of his father, yes it was. Nothing caused him more joy that die for the sins of mankind, reconciling with God, and to enjoy that wonderful unit that he lived with his father (Luke 2: 10-11).

"Wonderful father, thank you for the new opportunity of life that we give, for allowing us to be in your presence, to see reflected your immense love in our daughters (or), wife (or), home, family, parents, siblings, friends, by your immense mercy of being alive at your side and for making us this unique invitation to leave our lives selfish to begin to live according to your cause how much we love, have you arranged for us a source of happiness and inexhaustible joy. It's time to believe in God, it is the time to rejoice in the Lord, it is time to forgive us, here we are repentant for our indifference, ways of being, fears, errors, clean us Father God to overcome temptation, vices, even family customs that are against you. We receive with gratitude your good news, recognizing Jesus Christ as our Savior, and do your will as our greatest delight. Lord is in our midst, he is powerful and he will save us; you will enjoy about us with joy and that we can begin to enjoy if we join our lives in Christ Jesus." Amen

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro",


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