"Sing unto the Lord new song, because it has done wonders; his right hand has saved him and his Holy arm. Jehovah has made evident its salvation; in light of the Nations he has found his righteousness. Hath remembered his mercy and his truth toward the House of Israel; all the ends of the Earth have seen the salvation of our God"(Psalm 98:1-3)

The Bible is very rich in expressions of praise which they express confidence in God, and thank you for the victory; King David knew much of this topic, for he wrote the majority of the Psalms in the Bible as true examples of what can spring from a heart that is fully thankful to God and who moves to his love.

Praise is the language of faith, resulting in victory; for this reason, when we learn to praise God every day, we are more than conquerors. In addition, God said that he dwells in the midst of praise of his people, as father, is well pleased and moves in recognition and honors of their children.

If we are sick gunned down or discouraged, start right now praise the Lord, expressing his promises of healing and Liberation, and we will begin to experience that while we praise God comes health, strength, joy, spiritual revival, i.e., the heart will be comforted and encouraged, and Dios turn in dance lament and sorrow in joy. In this way can be in tune with our God, bringing into our lives that the has already prepared for each one of us. This allows us to have hope, to confess with our lips that we have already believed in the heart.

I invite you to praise from today, their way of life.

"Oh Lord, thank you for the rest and this new day that we allow to live in family, have a home, a few daughters (or), a wife (or), friends and receive your blessing." Today, we understand that the larger rest art thou. Know and do your will gives us the safety of your back and your unconditional support. What good is you praise and exalt you, sing psalms to thy name, rejoice in your love and your blessings; Blessed father teach us the secret of praise, we want to publish your acts of kindness, to recognize that everything you have it you must you: life, family, work, material goods, the Ministry. Today you sing from the depths of our hearts, we exalt you and we bless you. You are the way, our bread of life, we give you the honor and glory, fill us with your love, we need your help, Holy Spirit in this human weakness you pray and praise you, thank you for your blessing and grace to follow you, we present ourselves in the truth, believe in thee and in thy Word, not submit to we need, strengthen us our environment and our emotional areas. Come, we happily unto the Lord; Let us sing with joy to the rock of our salvation. We come before his presence with Thanksgiving; cheer you with singing, for the Lord is a great God, and King large above all gods, because in his hand are the depths of the Earth, and the heights of the mountains are his. His also the sea, because he did it; and his hands formed the dry land. Come, worship and bow down; kneel before the Lord our Maker, because he is our God; We the people of your lawn, and sheep of his hand. Father God your berries in the middle of our praise, inhabit in thy presence. We sing with joy to our heavenly father. "Amen.

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro ".


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