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"And God said to Solomon: because there was this in your heart, and not asked riches, goods or glory, or the lives of those who want you badly, or you asked for many days, but that you have asked for you wisdom and knowledge to govern my people, about which I have set by King, wisdom and knowledge you are given;" and I'll also give you riches, goods and glory, as never had the Kings that have been before thee, neither will be those who come after you." (Chronic 2 1: 11-12)

Solomon had an extraordinary opportunity to ask what a person wants: wealth, honour, health, power, etc. God was offering what he wanted, but as he had been instructed by his father, David, Salomon preferred to be wise and intelligent, to be rich and powerful. It is very interesting to know that wisdom led him to be famous, very rich and prosperous. But the remarkable difference between the prayer of Solomon and the many men and women who we desperately seek success and fame, regardless of the method that we use to accomplish that.

In the course of life we know many cases of people who have sacrificed family, friends, health, welfare, etc., in order to achieve goals that are almost always, only materials and passengers. What most don't understand is that there are two ways to achieve things: As a result of our own efforts or as a result of the blessing of God on our lives. In the first case, the results of the man are characterized because they are scarce, difficult, and transient and often the price that must be paid by them is the anguish, anxiety and stress. While the fruits that God allows us to obtain, are just the opposite: generous, abundant, secure and permanent. In addition, let us always deep satisfaction. The Lord Jesus repeats it with the following words: “I am the vine, you are the branches; that remains in me and I in him, this carries much fruit; because apart from me anything you can do"(John 15:5)

Now, the biblical story teaches us that Solomon asked for wisdom in reason Dios had delegated him to lead a nation, because I knew the enormous responsibility that this implied, and many people would affect their actions and decisions. Today we can say that to Solomon, God we turned has over a people, children, a family, a job for which pray fervently asking for all possible to be a great blessing: wisdom. The invitation today is to meditate on the work delegated to us by Dios. If we have our way, we have to admit our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. We are willing to follow the example he left us the most wise and famous King that has existed and will exist.

"Beloved Lord, thank you for the night's sleep, be able to get up and remember how wonderful that you are with us, let us be with you." We thank you for the joy of being in your presence, for that wonderful family that has given us, home, our wife (or), daughters (or), parents, brothers and brothers in faith. Today we understand that she is you only need in our lives. No matter what you have in front, the complicated situation, how complex the task, the impossible that seems the challenge, if you have to you, we have everything; If we have your wisdom, you know everything; If we rely on your strength, it can, because once again we return to your arms, bend our knees before you, provided we are before you, thank you for your promises, your Covenant is eternal, for giving us that wisdom that can only come from you my Eternal God, for giving us thoughts of good and not evil, because you are our shelter and strength We will be always embraced you, because you take care of us and love us, we worship in spirit and in truth. Joy to have you in the heart, heaven praises you, because who is comparable with you Father God, who like you, that we let live, love. With great faith, we again ask wisdom, knowing that you give it us generously and without reproach. Father God we only need your presence in our lives, and are in thy ways." Amen.

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".

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