"God also said to Abraham: A Sarai your wife not her call Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name." And I will bless her, and I'll also give you her son; yea, I will bless her, and it come to be a mother of Nations; Kings of peoples shall come of it"(Genesis 17:15-16)

The role of women in history has always been of great importance, and even more in recent years. It is a factor of cohesion and unity in the basic cell of society, which is the family; and the spirit of perseverance and struggle has made it inspirer of great changes in history, as a famous anonymous: "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that moves the world".

But it is not the world that is recognizing the woman, but God. Since inception, he attributed him the dignity of making yours, in the image and likeness of the. It fully relied on the powers and abilities that it gave, when next male blessed it, and ordered him to grow, fruitful, multiply, and manage the world with excellence. After the fall and through the work saving of Christ, God ratifies his blessing to women, Sara, whom he praises as a true Queen Mother to bless. Confirming this promise, also choose a humble young Jewish to give you the greatest privileges that has had any human being: to become the mother of the Savior.

In addition, during his Ministry, the Lord Jesus fought permanently the hardness of man to understand the value and the dignity of women; he tirelessly defended their lives, healed those who were sick and showed a deep compassion that led him to commit to all of them, bringing them comfort and hope, and by providing an effective response to their needs.

This was the case of a humble widow in a small village in Israel, unhappy and lonely, she had lost her husband and now her only son. She was helpless and alone, and his future had no hope. But in the distance, Jesus knew their pain, knew perfectly what sorrow overwhelmed his soul. So immediately goes to her, deviating from its path with the sole purpose of giving comfort and hope. He would lead the response that both needed. Guests at the funeral felt pity for the widow, Jesus had compassion for them. Why did something else to cry at his side, he gave hope. Your love gave rise to a miracle, the miracle of life. His son was raised! Jesus has the power to give hope when all is lost. Only he can reiterate us with his love that we are a blessing called woman!

"Father, thank you for the opportunity to live one more day, to be in your presence, thank you for our home, our wife, mother, daughters and women who have given us the men as partners and help-meet, thank you for the blessing for women." Your you are our God and we trust in Ti, joy to find us with our Father God, how much you need, we love you, glorify you, apologize for all our transgressions, your us keep in perfect peace who you persevere, we repent today for failing against you, against our families, our wives, mothers, and daughters, by not treating them like you send us, help us to be balanced, to give and receive thoughts, Holy Spirit renews our minds, let us live in Ti, that we are free in Christ Jesus, thank you God for all lived. I know that through Jesus, you have an answer for every need. Today, as the widow, hear your tender and compassionate voice: do not cry! And is that we already do not have to do this because I know that your promises are true, all certain. We celebrate your love and rejoice in your salvation, thank you Father God for the blessing to give us that wonderful being called woman". Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro",


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