"Blessed is the people who know cheering you; shall walk, o Lord, in the light of your face. On your behalf you will be glad all day, and your righteousness he shall be exalted. Because you are the glory of his power, and for your willingness to grow our power. Because the Lord is our shield and our King is the Holy of Israel"(Psalm 89:15-18)

Cheer, is voices of jubilation in honor to someone, glorify, Ovation, load, clapping, clapping, cheer. Blessed is the person who does this for God, who knows how to recognize what is the real source of his power, his blessing and joy. Blessed are those who do not believe that in their own arm strength but on God who strengthens them.

Happy are those who do not have placed their hopes in your work, in your family, a friend, but in God. Your grateful heart will be blessed and bring their families, possessions and to everything you do, great prosperity.

All the great men of faith, mighty in work and Word, that have left an indelible mark for his exploits, to be instruments in God's hands for the fulfillment of their plans here on Earth, have been men and women who have learned to praise and recognize God. Lived blessed lives and yet, had wealth, but never made them the center of their existence. This is the teaching to always recognize God, thank you for everything and give it the first place. What a beautiful seed which we number in the heart of every family, as it is now, as well as live and will strengthen us every day to go ahead without weakening.

Another great example in the Bible was Moses, the great deliverer of Israel. To complete his mission, before going to the meeting of the Lord, he composed a beautiful song of Thanksgiving to God by his faithfulness and his infinite goodness. Through him, urged his people to not forget God, of his mighty works that had saved them, because otherwise, they and their children would entail huge pains and sufferings. That his last words were: "Hearken, ye heavens, and I will speak; and the Earth hear the words of my mouth. As the rain drip my teaching; shall distil as the dew on my reasoning; as the drizzle on the grass, and as the droplets on grass; because the name of the Lord will proclaim. Magnify our God. He is the rock, whose work is perfect, because all his ways are righteousness; God of truth and without any wickedness in him. is just and straight." (Deuteronomy 32:1-4)

"Father God thank you for this new dawn for giving me a family, work, and well-being, for allowing us to accept this sentence, for allowing us to worship you and praise you my God, we present ourselves before you for your advice, and your address, today we understand that only you are worthy of all praise, all honor and glory." You declare our shield, our owner, our King. Teach us by your holy spirit to be grateful, namely recognize you and proclaim to the world your wonders, to walk in the light of your face and have joy every day of our lives, walking from glory into glory along with mine. In your light we see your light, your peace we see peace and in your holy spirit we see your blessing" Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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