"There are those who dealt, and it's added more;... generous soul shall prosper; "and that refreshes, it also will himself be refreshed." (Proverbs 11:24-25)

It may be incomprehensible to many, that one of the methods of God to bless prosper and enriched up to a man, either through the generosity.

In a world that promotes insensitivity, selfishness, and the treasure, it is nearly impossible to practice this principle of giving. To understand and get the benefit that God wants, need to understand logic of God, which is diametrically opposed to the human beings. Remember that with the fall of man, we were at the expense of our own "good and evil", our own code of values, our own "justice", which is contaminated by selfishness without limits. However, when we accept the life of Christ in our hearts, God gives us a new awareness, clean, healthy, and adjusted to its parameters. It is then when we can understand God's thoughts, so crisp, so perfect, and so pure.

To illustrate this principle, to summarize one of the most beautiful stories I read in an old book of short stories for children: A man overwhelmed by hunger and the pain of seeing his wife and their nine children dying without having nothing to eat, decided to resort to his rich brother, even if it had waited until the last moment, fearing their explosive and hurtful reactions. He would not understand that the drought had affected crops and was poorer than ever. Finally, Assembly of value came to his door and waited the usual imprecations when you express your request. Thus it came to pass, but in the midst of disgust, his brother gave him a piece of hard bread. Thankful man came running to his house, thinking in the face of his wife and children eating this bread that looked delicious in their eyes. However, along the way came an old man, poor and miserable than him, calling him a little food. Touched and without thinking twice, he gave half of his bread and went on his way, but not before receiving a long blessing of the elderly. But, what would be your surprise when arriving at home and splitting into small pieces which he had, he found a gleaming gemstone that to sell it provided enough money to survive until the arrival of the rains. Never again need to pass. We also can cause a miracle of prosperity in our lives today!

"Lord, thank you for your beautiful generosity be with you again, give us a new dawn, give us your presence, to give us a home, some children, one more day of life, allow us to be with you to kneel before you my good father, give us your generous and unfailing love, understanding and forgiveness. We need to learn to see with your eyes, to not act selfishly seeing only our needs, but the needs of others. We want to learn to open our hands with the generosity that you taught us on the cross; "but above all, we wish that every day of our lives we learn to sow love, hope and faith, with so much generosity as you offer us moment-to-moment. Father God not give me so much that you forget me you, or so little that I got from you, I ask you to give me the necessary daily bread." Amen"

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro ".


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