"Thus said the Lord: in an acceptable time I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped;" and will keep you and I will give you by Covenant to the people, so you restore the Earth, so you inherit devastated inheritances"(Isaiah 49:8)

Throughout the entire Bible is clear we that ours is more abundant and generous. It is never limited to small or little things. When you promised us life, it is life in abundance. When he invites us to ask you for something, is according to their riches: "ask me, and I will make the Nations heritage, and like possession yours confines them of the Earth" (Psalm 2:8). Likewise, through the Prophet Isaiah encourages us to project our lives in terms of conquest, to leave a footprint lasting, eternal, and to exercise an influence that reaches to every corner of the Earth.

Anyone who is willing to abandon their schemes and limitations, their fears and fears, their conditions to a past of failure and impossible, and cast to be guided by their heavenly father, he leaves to his will that is perfect and is carried by plans and extraordinary dreams that he has conceived for him, God allows you to enjoy many promises: That, having been sick, he heals you and makes it the total health guide; having been in the bondage of sin, he frees it, restore it and sends it to leave free all the oppressed and to get out of jail to prisoners; having been dead, gives life and sends it to the world to bring the message of salvation; having spent his life in what doesn't suit, healthy, the clean and allow you to be an example for others.

As said them to his disciples, today also Jesus we care to be light and carry his message of reconciliation to the men and women until the last corner of the Earth. Today responsible for us to conquer, not just our happiness and our family, but a city, a country, and the whole world, so that they receive the message of love and salvation.

We can also enjoy this promise today, if only we choose to follow Jesus Christ and become his true disciples. We then formed, treated, polished and molded. We will be built up and then sent to carry your message worldwide, cross-cultural and eternal that transforms human beings irrespective of their origin, customs and ideologies.

"Dear father, thank you for be able to kneel again in your presence, rendered in faith, we thank you for life, family, work, for giving us your daily sustenance, for all your blessings, thank you for considering us as valuable and important for planning such momentous works for us. We are ready to we are trained, treated, polished and moldings, we built up and then sent to bring world-wide message, leaving traces of blessing, we want to be true disciples of Jesus. The Lord says so: Before train you in the belly, already you had chosen; until you were born, you had already secluded had appointed you a prophet to the Nations. Because you are going to go wherever that I send you, and going to say everything I command you. Do not fear anyone; I am with you to deliver you. I have put my words in your mouth to start and tear down, to destroy and demolish, to build and to plant" Amen "

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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