"Blessed is the man that feared the Lord and his commandments delighted greatly. Their offspring will be powerful in the land; the generation of the upright shall be blessed"(Psalm 112:1-2)

A son is as a seed of delicious fruit that is planted in the garden of life, prepares to land and is sowing the seed is watered every day, removed the weeds and feeds the Earth, to clean its branches are pruned...

Until it begins to grow the desired fruit and, one day, you are ready to be served and enjoy it. When this happens, we already you have forgotten the time spent, the hard work done and on the contrary experience joy, like a parent who sees growing healthy children, ready to fly high well, with their own dreams and fulfilling God's purpose in their lives.

We parents play the most important human role in the formation and development of the personality of our children. We are called to shape with our own lives, the lives of our children. The question is: are we the parents prepared for this challenge? Do we have the time, love and patience required? Are we counting on the precise help?

God gives a clear answer to us parents. If we seek God, we respect you and have you in mind, we ask your help and worry about its precepts, store in the heart and do them, then we are going to be cast, the model and the example that our children need, we will have the divine support and the supernatural help, we will have success in the work. Our difficult task will result in a wonderful fruit of joy and peace.

The promise declares that parents come to be admired and famous, notable people because God's blessing will be upon their lives. They will shine as the light amid the darkness, because they will not only grow in stature, skills or academic training, but in wisdom and grace before God and men.

Men and women are contributing to this world? We are a father or mother that we have learned to delight ourselves in God's principles; and you are seeing that our children do too? God's purpose for the family is bless her and make our children good women and men. Let us pray that it does.


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