"As the father pities are children, Lord of those who fear him compassion is." (Psalm 103:13)

Children are one of the largest sources of satisfaction in family life. Educate them as men and women of good, is a delicate and complex process that aims to start married life. Happier to be a couple in the process of achieving growth in their marriage, more able it will be to share that happiness with their children. This means that the first thing a parent should do is learn to love more each day, first to his wife and then, as a result, their children. Undoubtedly, this love comes from God, and to experience this love must love God with all our heart.

Sadly the task of parenting has been neglected in almost all societies of the world, and many men begin this way without any type of preparation, but the most delicate, without an appropriate model to follow. They embark on this adventure often blankly for sure that the father fulfills a vital role in the development of fully balanced and emotionally healthy children.

Although the mother usually spends more time with the children, we cannot underestimate the role of the father, since he makes valuable and irreplaceable contributions to the development of their children. For example, the father, the child learns the male traits that mimic and will form part of your personality and your social identity development, learn the male role in the family and society, and will learn how to develop a healthy attitude to women. The girl on the other hand, will learn of the father differences between features male and female, clamping, valuing and enjoying her own femininity.

As well as the son of God received all the love, support and protection of the heavenly father, so every son needs his father:

• Who can tell you without hesitation: I love you!

• Who listens to it with patience and attention

• Having an exclusive time for it

• That teach how you to live wisely and be a good example

• That teach how you to know God, help to develop the habit of prayer and to cultivate the love of his word

While this task is difficult, it is not impossible, as the father and mother that we have our hearts to see the glory of God, the same as father of all, will help us, we support and will make us see how the impossible becomes reality!

"Heavenly Father, we thank you for being in your presence, to have this new dawn, have a home, a family and being able to be at your side with the blessing of your holy spirit. You pray because you always listen to us, we love you and remember the work of God in Christ Jesus. Our ears have heard Word from you. You need to be able to live, to be parents of blessing, that we can express our children our love, educating them with wisdom, care and patience, give them the best of our time and teach them of Ti my good father, to cultivate your Word and your example. You've forgiven us and we enjoy your love. How much you need. I know that the challenge that we place is very high, but not impossible if we have your help. We understand that the benefit to our around will be immense, incalculable, for that we have our lives for you. Give us your strength and your power. Then we will rise and will fulfill your will." Amen.

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro",


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