"And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace for those who make peace" (Santiago 3:18)

God is just and all his works are fair, perfect and eternal. Is that there is a spiritual law that is fulfilled in every place, time and circumstance: "what man sows that also reap". If man sowing love gather love. If the man sows goodness, will pick up goodness. If the man planting peace, will pick up peace. This is God's perfect justice.

Peace, is one of the most precious gifts that exist . Absolutely all human beings seek diligently that could give us a bit of peace, but we almost never find it. We think that peace gives it a person, work, economic stability, better governance, etc. We do many things to get it but we do not know the only way designated by God to find it: Sow it permanently everywhere we go.

Now, peace begins in a heart full of love, with a permanent attitude of forgiveness and reconciliation, and a constant willingness of doing good for others. Moreover to learn to get along with others, learn to love them, to accept them as they are, always ensuring good for them, practicing the golden rule of the Lord at all times: "all the things you want that men do with you, so also do ye to them" (Matthew 7:12).

Peace implies understanding that each person is unique, that it is entitled to its own criteria, judgments and decisions; the interests, wishes and needs are private; that the goals, purposes, principles, criteria and alien ideals don't have to necessarily coincide with their own.

Seeking peace means accepting the possibility of personal errors and others, own mistakes and others. It is understand that living together is difficult, but the love of God in our midst makes it possible. Peace is an ideal impossible according to the methods of the men, but possible according to the methods of God!

"Dear father, thank you for the new opportunity of life that we give, for allowing us to be in your presence, to see reflected your immense love in our daughters (or), wife (or), home, family, parents, siblings, friends, today we understand that nothing to fill out more to human happiness and well-being as feeling at peace with all men there is." Teach us to enjoy peace only you can give, to enjoy the peace with everyone else. That starting today, whenever we face a setback, I choose the wise path of patience and no irritation, disturbance, shouts or insults. That I can see and treat others as you would yourself. Fill us with your holy spirit so you spill in us, love, faith and self-control. Away from evil and do good, seek peace and help us to follow. In Christ we will have real and necessary to live peace." Amen

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro",


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