"Which belittles the precept shall perish by it; more he that feared the commandment shall be rewarded"(Proverbs 13:13)

God created us, knows us and loves us. There can be no someone more reliable than he. Then, it only makes sense to listen to his instructions and do what he says. The Bible is the infallible Word to us and gives us the keys to how walking from his hand and under his protection; He gives us a log of flight so that we do not crashing but, instead, we arrive safely at our destination, already defined by God, as an abundant life.

The commandments laid down by God in the Bible are not something different that the manifestation of his love for us. The plan of God from the creation of the world was the give us a full and accomplished life. The only condition was that we obey him, but unfortunately our hearts are hardened to such an extent that we proved impossible to discern the voice of God, and we end up belittling our own blessing. When we take decisions in our own soul (intellect, emotion and will), and not by the instructions given by God in his word, our life loses the course and definitely we will go direct to the failure.

But, if we don't hear the voice of God, are what other voice can be listening? On the one hand, we can listen to our own voice, which always highlights our own importance and makes us believe that we always have the truth, making us deaf to the voice of God. This prevents us from recognizing that we don't know everything and disables us to follow instructions.

But there are also external voices, of the world, which diametrically separates us from God, that seduce our minds with seemingly harmless ideas, where everything is permitted, leading to laxity of morals and the search of the temporal.

We receive this advice and never forget: There is only a reliable voice and is the God hear it!

"Holy Father, thank you for the night which gave us and the dawn that we allow to live, for our families, homes, jobs and activities, help us become the children obedient to your voice, understanding that your primary interest is the bless us." We gave up on this day to the stubbornness and the reasoning that have prevented us from enjoying the fullness of your blessings. We do not want to walk more guided by our own criteria, because we always end up wrong us. I know that we love, unconditional love, and therefore today we are committed to your commandments become our way of life, to enjoy the prosperity that you offer us. If you wilt carefully the voice of the Lord your God and you does right in front of your eyes, and you make ear to his commandments, and you keep all his statutes, any disease to which they sent to the Egyptians send you; because I am the Lord your healer. Amen

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro",


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