"I am the true vine, and my father is the farmer. All branch that beareth not fruit, in me removed it; and anyone who brings fruit, cleaned it, carry more fruit"(John 15:1 - 2)

A father pruned a tree before the astonished eyes of his son. Small did not understand why his loving father, who insisted you about the special care it should be by nature, took a machete and cut branches of the beautiful Ceiba that Grandpa had planted years ago in the garden with violence. However, over time, the tree was more beautiful that ever, its buds were green, healthy and seemed much stronger than before.

It is incredible that situations that often we reject and do not want to live, it is precisely the most formative experiences for our life. How many times, for example, many have disparaged and have complained about his work or occupation for a long time, until at last they are delivered from that "torment" through a letter of dismissal; then, they grieve deeply, and only then recognized the value and importance of the work, they learn to not complain, do things with love and be thankful.

Definitely the love of God manifested in correction and discipline is as necessary as love of tenderness or love of instruction. What would a plant if the farmer does not rid its branches, not robbed dry leaves, do not withdraw the brush of her around or not holding their twigs that grow right? It could not develop and grow. That is why the Lord we compared vine plants, perennials and climbers, with stems long, flexible and quite fruitful. But these continuously stems should be pruned and cleaned, in order to promote growth and produce much fruit. We recognize that some areas of our lives need to be cleaned, healed or restored. Let the Lord do this pruning in our life to see the fruit that God wants to produce in us.

How we react when it goes through those disciplines that Dios applied, in order to strengthen our character and increase faith?

"Lord, thank you for this new opportunity of life that we give out this morning by this new dawn, for allowing us to live " formative experiences for our lives; we understand that we have been designed to bear fruit, to experience the blessing in all areas of our lives, but also to be factor of blessing to those who surround us, wherever we may be. I know that this is only possible when we are firmly bonded to Ti, and even in these circumstances, many times need to be cleaned to bear more fruit. Meets your perfect will in our lives and not let us away from you, Father God pruning our lives, to produce the fruit you want to see in us." Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".




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