"Virtuous woman, who find? Because its esteem long outperforms the gemstones' (Proverbs 31:10)
God's Word warns us of useless resulting for a woman to devote all your attention and effort, giving the top priority of his life, something passenger and purely external as it is physical beauty. It is also something that Jewish mothers teach their children until today, following the example of the mother of King Lemuel, who knowing that choosing a wife, it is one of the most definitive decisions for the happiness of a man, taught his son, through these proverbs, to see what is truly valuable and timeless in a woman.Physical beauty decreases and deteriorates over time. The inner beauty of the spirit, is increasing over the years.

That is why exalting the Bible not women beautiful, attractive, cultured, well dressed, sensual, intelligent, or rich, but has that spiritual wealth. Although a graceful face, harmonious and delicate features, a well shaped body, are attributes that humans appreciated very much, God always teaches us to not become what our eyes see, to not merely things of this transient world, because this is cause of sadness and grief. It urges us to concern ourselves with the things of the spirit, those who belong to the Eternal God, because this is life and peace.

Now, the woman who fears God is one that seeks to be in communion with him, drink of the living water of his word, and living to please him with their thoughts, words, and attitudes. She is a woman who depends on completely and utterly of its creator, therefore, advance happy, being possessed of a healthy mind, a few controlled feelings and a strong will to their purposes; In addition, cared for and exercise your body to remain healthy and vigorous. In terms of their relationship with others, it is safe and free, loving and faithful, not grudge it, always encouraged with his words. It's a good wife, mother and friend. Cares home and herself, carefully cultivating an integral beauty. Her children, husband and friends laud it, since it emanates love, prudence and common sense. This kind of woman, it is not unattainable as some believe it, the important thing is not to look at our limitations, but to look at which tells us that always help us, God our father. That is the secret of many women who are now happy carrying his greatest treasure: the virtue.
"Lord, don't want to spend my life striving to impress or attract the attention of those who surround me through my physical and intellectual attributes, but by the wisdom that was born in my communion with you. Teach me to leave traces of blessing for those who I love by those who want to become a woman, free of all the things that let me enjoy your promises of blessing. I need to depend on it as the source of my life, in such way that me is impossible to walk if you're not in front of me. Virtuous woman, who find? Because its esteem long outperforms the gemstones. The heart of her husband is her confident and not lack of profits. She gives good and not evil all the days of his life." Amen
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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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