"Create a clean heart in me, o God, and renew a right spirit within me" (Psalm 51:10)
God loves the integrity and that it maintains it has a place in the shrine, in the heart of God and have the certainty of his blessing. We must be ready to retain our integrity at the expense of whatever, to keep us clean before God, to persevere in the will, to present our lives in Holiness as the best and most pleasant gift that we can give you. The righteousness of God which is integral, attracts his blessing and mercy, the Lord shows you his salvation and shows him his joy and his contentment. We need that Dios squint our thoughts, emotions, feelings, our heart as a whole, because we usually keep the attitudes that prevent us relate well with others, and also with God.
What good is that in our life is clearly visible that we are upright, honest, people with truth on our talk and our Act, carry the title of sons of God with height If at this time will invite us to write a list of qualities that we would like to find people or better yet, we'd like to own, surely provide the honesty, because this brings a peace that is incomparable to the heart which possesses it and produces confidence and trust in those who are around us. There is no greater joy for a human being that experience safety and support in person who loves. There is no greater satisfaction in life than that which we have when our relatives, employees and most intimate friends, we consider a person of integrity, a friend of Word, a person of "truth". On the other hand, when this virtue is missing in our lives, flourishes in which surround us, mistrust, insecurity, fear, doubt, uncertainty, feelings that impair any interpersonal relationship and lead us to many disappointments and failures, and finally we are condemned to stay alone.
The inspiring story of the Prophet Daniel, who his enemies sought constantly to his fall, and can not find in it, no failure, as it was full not only in the public but also in their private lives. They chose to deceive the King, who sentenced him to die in the jaws of the Lions. When it was already supposed I had finished the fatal incident, the King approached the pit and asked Daniel if God had been able to save him, to which Daniel, responded: "o King, live for ever." My God sent his angel, which closed the mouths of the Lions, so do not do me damage, because to him I was found innocent; and even before you, o King, I have not done anything wrong." Here is a wonderful example of the overwhelming Justice of God and the defense of his eternal truth.
"Father God thank you for this new day that we may live, Lord today I beg you examines our hearts and that leaning them to hear your reasons, in such a way that every day walk in the truth, because this is our greatest protection shield, to keep us clean front of you, to persevere in your will, to present our lives in Holiness as the best and most pleasant gift that we can give you taking the title of sons of Dios.” Amen
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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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