"If I walk in the midst of trouble, you will protect me from the anger of my enemies you will stretch your hand, and it will save me your right hand"(Psalm 138:7)

These are the words of someone who has learned to believe. Surely we can say that King David was a man of faith. But not an emotional faith, i.e., that which allows us to believe when everything goes well and there are no problems or setbacks in our life. He had cultivated a faith of spiritual origin: that which is acquired when you are a man or a woman of prayer and Scripture study. David knew deeply to God, knew it was merciful and faithful. Why not is it discouraged when it passed through moments of anguish. He lived what he says a beautiful song that now comes to my memory: "Praise God when things we go well, how good it is!" Praise God when life no problem, what a good thing! But I praise you from my losses, Jesus Holy glorified through me"

It is easy to live as God wants, quiet and safe, as only its presence is enough for us to address any test or situation hard that is, since he is a constant source of peace, joy and well-being. In addition, he has a plan for each life and is able to get pass the difficulties that are presented to us. All-knowing and there is nothing impossible for him. The secret that makes it possible to live this way, even in the midst of difficulties, teaches us the psalmist, and is prayer.

At this same time we deposit our full trust in our Father God. Tell him all that ails us, and hope that he will help us. God never refuses to lavish everything good that comes to him. Thank you for the large and small things that we have received of his good hand, and in a special way by difficult or painful situations that we lived, or we are experiencing today. Ask for our heart health, while we decide to trust and never doubt his power and his love. God is on our side, he is our father and friend.

"Lord, once again thank you for to be in your presence, for a new day, be devoting to this time to praise you and worship you, thank you for everything you give us daily, thank you for being in our joys and lend us your hand in our difficulties and sorrows, we want to thank you with all our heart, because show us your love in all circumstances." In our hearts we decided to rely on Ti when distress us assault. We will seek your face through prayer, and she will be the largest power so our spirit, soul and body can enjoy of your care and protection. Then we fear nothing because you will be with us. Your outstretched hand will keep us from evil, and we support the shade of your right hand. You will give us every day the forces that we need. Cry out to God with joy, all the Earth, sing the glory of his name; put glory in his praise, tell God: how amazing are your works! All the land you will love, and sing to you; They will sing to your name. Come and see the works of God. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will bless." Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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