"And he said to them: are you so afraid?" Do you have no faith? "Then they feared with great fear, and said one to another: who is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?" (Mark 4:40-41)

All human beings experience fears, fears and phobias; but each of us reacts different to each. Fear is a feeling of anxiety caused by a real or imaginary danger.

There is no doubt that the disciples of Jesus were experienced fishermen, they knew the sea of Galilee, as they had lived and worked in the place all his life; they faced a personal crisis of fear that took them even to the panic caused by a major storm unleashed in the middle of the Lake. The circumstances were real, but his imagination led them to believe that they would die that day.

They were with the master, but they had underestimated him; although they had seen Jesus perform many miracles, their insecurity did not allow them to believe that this situation also Jesus had in his hands. Therefore, the fear that began in them was becoming anxiety and panic; that very likely began in one or two of them, but then it took hold of the whole group; to the point of believing that it did not matter to the Lord Jesus what was happening. Although the storm was real, Jesus confronts them about their lack of faith.

Many times we as children of God also experience this kind of situation, when we feel fear and believe that Jesus is material lying around of what happens to us; our fears can become true internal storms, in situations such as the future, diseases, death, loneliness, economic crisis, natural disasters, affective relations, family, etc. But the word of God confirms to us that the remedy for this evil is faith, and this might be the most powerful and unwavering resource when coping with fears and fears it is.

"Blessed Lord thank you for the new dawn, for allowing us to be in your presence, to have a family, parents, children brothers;" Thanks for reminding us how helpful are our lives and everything that happens to our around. Today we believe that we have in our hands the most powerful resource to confront our fears and fears; give us the measure of faith to believe that with you everything we can, because we strengthen. Thank you for your protection, we love you, and we ask you to give us a true heart for not never turn away from you. Holy Spirit show us the unique path straight in which we can walk, illuminating our ways with your perfect light, so we will not walk in darkness, because we know that you took care of us and we save many dangers and failures, because God will be our only helper and friend. It says your word not forsakes, nor I will leave you; so that we can confidently say: the Lord is my helper; I will not fear what man can do for me." Amen.

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".



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