"What we learn and received and heard and seen in me, this make;" and the God of peace shall be with you"(Philippians 4:9)

Human beings desire the gift of peace from the depths of our being, but most ignore the nature of the good that so eagerly seek. They have been established since the beginning of history, socio-political systems, economic models, or even religious patterns in some societies, leading them to peace, but few have stopped to listen to what the Prince of peace has to teach us.

Peace is not just a dream of man, is a God's plan for humanity. Since he created it, God's purpose was that man will enjoy complete peace. And it provided everything you need to make this happen. Peace must involve all the relationships of man, according to the dimensions with which it was created: spirit, soul, body, interacting with God, his neighbor and with their physical environment. Therefore that, although he was in a perfect world, should respect the principles and the spiritual and physical laws that kept order and peace. To break one of them, this is the spiritual, his relationship with God was affected, the communion with his father who provided wisdom and power, broke, and the harmony of man with its creator was lost. Immediately, all the balance is altered and the other relations of man were affected: with others and their environment. There was no peace nor in the heart of man nor much less outside of it.

However, God's love for man was still stronger than the disobedience of this. So send us the author of peace, Jesucristo, the Prince of peace, the same as the wonderful gift offers us unlimited: "peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you;" I do not give you as the world gives"(John14:27). This peace presupposes the harmony of reconciliation as a basis and has wonderful and incalculable benefits: it surpasses all human understanding keep our heart, does not depend on the circumstances, we always have with us.

How different is this condition to the incessant anxieties of the world! It is in union and communion with Christ as you experience the true peace.

"Lord Jesus Christ, "thank you for be able to wake up this morning and to be in your presence, for giving us a family, a home, a few children and peace that give us, now more than ever entendemIthat peace is not a State of man or much less the environment. you are peace! How unsuccessfully the bustorrent, but today finally the foundamosCome toour heart Lord Jesus. Come to our House. Live with usNow I know that nothing and no one us may be separated from your love and your infinite and wonderful peace.Because a child is born to us, son has been given, and the Principality on his shoulder. Would be named wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace." "Amen


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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".



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