"The soul of the sloth wants, and nothing achieves; over the soul of the diligent shall prosper." (Proverbs 13:4)

Definitely God always rewarded with prosperity, diligence, tenacity, the promptness and excellence that we have to do all the things. But it does not spill blessings upon the negligent, the lazy, the comfortable or which seeks to benefit from the effort or the work of others. God is a father and we will never excuse. Besides, would we imitate him and to be like him: creative, productive, successful people. It gives us example of work and effort, because as the Psalm says, all the time watching over us: "you shall not give your foot to slide, nor sleep that you saved. Behold, it is neither slumber nor sleep he that keeps Israel"(Psalm 121:3-4)

"The soul of the sluggard wants and achieves nothing." This is one of the reasons why, people will impoverish, because they fall into the syndrome only wish, but they do nothing in regard to get out of the situation in which they find themselves. Prosperity goes hand of diligence, requires a victorious attitude to life and it rewards the proactive, i.e. that not is left waiting to opportunities to arrive at your door, but to those who leave to look for them.

But it says the Scripture, "ask and it will be given to you; seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened. For everyone who asks, receives; Anyone who seeks, finds and everyone who calls will open"(Luke 11:9-10). Those who strive to take the award and struggle, those who do not give up, those who persevere and pay the price of the sacrifice. A great truth in all labor there is fruit, which leads us to understand that if someone not prosperous, it is because he is not doing the things as they are.

Much of the success or failure has to do with the attitude that we have towards life. If we have a positive attitude, that is, hardworking and brave, as I have said earlier, we have more likely that we do well, but if we have a negative attitude, there is not the slightest chance of us to do well.

This reminds me of what the wise Solomon, wrote "which is the thought of the man in his heart, so is he". If we think that it is going to go well, we will be well; but if we are convinced that will go us wrong, then so will be the results. If anything we need to be diligent, is having a mind and a heart renewed, i.e. not Harbor thoughts of defeat, failure and frustration.

"Father, thank you for this new day in your presence, for the gift of life, for the greeting and congratulations that we give out every day, I know that everything we teach is because love us and want the best for our lives." I know that your purpose with us is to bless us, we thrive, and that nothing will make us lack. But I know that you have established straight roads and clear paths so that we achieve that prosperity. "Strengthen us so taking the Stagecoach Road, find the abundance you want for us." Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita  Cruz de Chamorro".



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