"Blessed be your spring, and rejoice with the wife of your youth, as beloved hind and graceful Gazelle." "His caresses you meet at all times, and in his love ravished always" (Proverbs 5:18-19)
God has provided for men and women in terms of their marital relationship, a source of permanent joy that is not exhausted over the years, as people think most human beings, but that can provide more and more happiness, satisfaction, and excitement at married life. Cultivate this relationship, will take you to enjoy that fresh and renewed love, peace and welfare in their family and society. 
Unfortunately, for many, the intimate Act is not grounded on mutual love or surrounded by an atmosphere of tender expressions of affection and consideration, and therefore can not enjoy harmonious emotional Symphony that God wants for each married partner. That physical and emotional imbalance will inevitably frustration to one or both spouses. It is necessary to listen to the advice given by a very wise mother to a newly married couple, when they had to face their first marital problem, the same day that celebrated the wedding and who would have been able to mark a bad start for the relationship. Wine for the feast had run its course, and this, in a culture like the Jewish, represented a serious lack of foresight on the part of the groom and a snub to his wife, his family and their guests.
But for peace of mind of all, the bride and groom had the largest of the hits, and it is that they had invited to their wedding Jesus. He was there and could solve any problems that arose. Has the provision to every marriage, every home need to be full and happy. Her mother, Maria, I knew it, and why says the charge of this fi: 'Do whatever he says to you'. So did, following to the letter the instruction that Jesus gave them. The wine increased, the party continued. All were very happy, as they will also all those marriages that today invite Jesus to live in their midst, so that the provision of love, tenderness, forgiveness and mercy, inside the home, never miss. We say every day our marriage in the hands of the Lord so that never miss you the wine of love, let us pray for our spouse and trust that God will be with us.
"Father well, thank you for this new day, for allowing us to have a heart in love with Ti, by presenting our lives before you, thank you for this new life in Christ Jesus, today we thank you for all your blessings, feel important dear friends, have a family, a job and receive the daily bread of Ti;" forgive us because many times we have not heard and followed your instructions. You are the wine that happy marriages, our homes, our lives. Today we ask with all our hearts that you come to dwell in our homes, allowing what has become, you're the only one that you have the provision for our marriages, that every home needs to be full and happy. "Help us Father God to your holy spirit live in middle of each of our families, so love, tenderness, forgiveness, and your mercy, within our homes never miss and that your our Father God will be with us." Amen"
Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.
Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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