"You are my hiding place; keep me from trouble; with songs of me rodearás." (Psalm 32:7)

One of the favorite stories of the children when they were small, was that of the three little pigs. Love a repeat them over and over again how one of them had built a small house so strong and powerful that the Wolf, even though it blew with all their forces, not could topple it. Although it took more time build it because he had that manufacture their own bricks and mixed cement, was so solid that it served to protect him and his two brothers, who save time and effort, built a few houses with the first thing they found in the field: straw, sticks of wood, cardboard, etc. Houses that built were flimsy and fragile, and with great ease Wolf thus broke them down.

Moral applies perfectly to our daily living.Life is full of situations that we must learn to make the best possible use, circumstances which daily put to the test our character and difficulties that challenge us not to be better, but excellent. Many seek aid fruitless and shelters which leave them totally vulnerable: esotericism, a friend, a loan, the love of someone. Soon this Sanctuary falls, leaving our lives completely exposed and at risk.

On the contrary, Dios promises us powerful and permanent protection. By stronger that we believe to be, never our forces are greater than the strength of the Lord gives us. That is why we must appropriating this promise and believe that only the Lord can be our refuge, our safe place, where no enemy can reach us, where nothing or no one can harm us; where all must have no concern and response comes into anguish.Do look kind of shelter?

"My God, thank you for this new dawn, for allowing me to live one day kneel in your presence, today we go to Ti, shelter us under the shadow of your wings, enjoy your care and your protection. I know that this means to be willing to obey and trust, and we are it! We will never seek other arms apart from yours. We never sacrifice our security for our obstinacy, to believe that we take care of us, better than you. Under your care, we were safe. Oh God, hear our cries and attends to our prayer. You invoke from the ends of the Earth, our heart falters; lead us to a rock where we are safe, because you are our refuge, our bulwark against the enemy. We long to dwell in your House forever and take refuge under your wings. We reign always in your presence and your love and your truth we protect. Thus we will always sing Psalms in your name, and will fulfill our vows day after day. Thank you Lord". Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".




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