"Although my father and my mother stopped me, however, Lord will I gather". (Psalm 27:10)

Our life has origin in the mind and in the heart of God. In the Manual of life we find: "Eternal love you have loved" (Jeremiah 31:3b). Know God as father is to find the principle of integral health, the beginning of a new life in love, is to receive the provision of acceptance in her arms, security and love that all humans need to enjoy a life of success and happiness.

To the best, in our early years we had painful experiences that we negatively conditioned towards God as father; because unconsciously we project our resentments and disappointments with our earthly fathers, toward him. That is why when Papa God with his great offer, us is difficult to believe and accept his love, although we need it desperately. More, the supernatural love of God still there, firm, huge, unshakable, until it can break down barriers, heal wounds, remove hardness, and understand that the love of God is the one who fills all empty and heals all wounds of the soul.

When we understand that he made us with tenderness and your fingers we designed with great care and expertise, and that their presence is always with us, which has never left us, but, on the other hand loves us dearly, and that is why he was willing to pay a very high price, but that he considered fair by the high esteem that we have: deliver his own son to die in our place, we understand that it is our true father and begin to enjoy him as such.

Discover and experience this love personally restored our self-esteem and worth; and those who were abandoned by their parents, deletes all feeling of orphan hood and solitude. This leads firstly to restore our communion with my Dad, and secondly to forgive our parents, love them and honor them. In this way he begins to flow total health in our being, leading us to live as real children, as people made and blessing; our perspective of life changes and as a result, we became a real response for our family and for society.

"Thank you beloved Lord, by this new day beside yours, your loving hand holding, for having reconciled with our father." Regardless of the age that we have, we need love, protection and the loving care of a parent each day, it is by this that we surrender to your love and we want it to learn to enjoy every day of our lives. We ask that you help us forgive our parents if something failed as your own image on Earth, today we ask that you bless them greatly and that also help them to restore their lives. O Lord, I have considered and known you, you've known my sit and get my up; you have understood my thoughts from afar, you've scrutinized my walk and my rest and all my ways you are known. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; where shall I go from your spirit? And where shall I flee from your presence? If I take the wings of the dawn and live in at the end of the sea, even there your hand, guide me and me catch your right. Because you created my inmost being; you made me in the womb of my mother. “My embryo they saw your eyes and in your book were written all the things which were then formed, without missing one of them. How precious I are, of God, your thoughts! How great is the sum of them!" Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".



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