"Soon my heart, o God, my heart is ready; I will sing and trovare Psalms"(Psalm 57:7)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 57:1-11

The Bible tells us that God reveals his secrets, but like me, you'll think the same; the secrets only has them is or see someone in full confidence. Are we in agreement? As well, the same applies to God; their secrets are for their children's trust. David was one of them; but this King won the heart of God. It wretched absolutely nothing, but rather laid out everything for his dad. Is it that we are able to have our heart to give it to him promptly yes?

The greatest need in the world today, is to have men and women who put the heart and give it better of themselves in whatever you do, who are always willing, ready, with your hand on the plow, which see opportunities instead of obstacles, that present solutions instead of complaints, seeking alternatives instead of excuses.
King David was a man who lived with intensity and with all his heart sought God; he was always ready to accept challenges, to meet challenges, overcome obstacles difficult that these were. , But above all things, always ready to seek God promptly, with joy, with deep gratitude. 

The result was a life thrives and challenging. That same life God wants us to give, if today we learn the secret of how to do so: seek God with all your heart, with all the soul, and with all the forces, rely on your support in good times and tribulations. The Jonah our hearts and give us confidence. The case of enemies and powerful forces that rise up against us, always there is something much stronger, and it is that God has total control. Having victory in all circumstances is not then doing have problems or difficult circumstances us around, but to grow within ourselves, the most powerful force in the universe: faith in God. 


"Dear Jesus,” thank you for this new day that we may live, you Stan am or s our heart, we are willing to do so because we understand that you, rather than obstacles there are alternatives and opportunities. Tusk we ask that we teach to stay faithful, both in good times and in the test. Daus a heart that rests on Tu fidelity. You have mercy on me, o God, for in you my soul has committed, and in the shadow of your wings I trusted me until they pass the losses. I cry aloud: to the most high God, the God who helps me. He sent from heaven, and will save me from the infamy of that haunts me; God will send his mercy and his truth. Soon my heart, o God, my heart is ready; I will sing, and I compose Psalms, I will raise tomorrow, I will praise you among the peoples, o Lord; I will sing to you among the Nations." Amen 
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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz Chamorro".


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