"Bless my soul, Lord, and bless all my being his holy name. Bless my soul, Lord, and do not forget any of your benefits"(Psalm 103:1-2)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 103; Deuteronomy 8

Has a Christian missionary to reach the jungles of Brazil and a group of faithful Christians, they found an indigenous tribe that gave them a great lesson; When they asked as they asked God for their needs, they said that when met only they did to thank and not to ask, because for them with what they had was more than enough; nothing was missing them, they were happy with what they had.

King David invites us in many of their psalms to cultivate gratitude to God. This was one of his greatest virtues, which remained humble, and kept the haughtiness and pride. Not surprisingly, that was this feature through which the "sweet singer of Israel" deserved the title of being the "man after the heart of God". In addition, there are countless benefits for anyone who lives grateful for everything, always finding valuable reasons to recognize the love and goodness of his father God. Among them is worth noting: the joy, joy, peace, patience, strength and faith.

Part now itself, the Group of the grateful and happy, living better and longer. Stop belonging to the Group of the bitter, whiners and those who get sick more. Keep the following tips in mind:

• Please take 20 minutes a day to remember all the good things you have receivedRemember as King David that he forgives us, us healthy, us rescues us Crown, us Sate, rejuvenates us, makes us justice, sympathizes with us, etc. Make a list, read it aloud and thank you God for every annotated thing, recognizing his infinite love and mercy.

• Recognize that many difficult situations we have experienced have been for our failures or errors. Ask forgiveness to God and is willing to change with the help of the Holy Spirit.

• Ask the Lord to help you to accept others and recognize that the faults of others are opportunities that God gives us to grow, mature and perfect us in love.

• Aim to replace the complaints with praise and Thanksgiving.


"My father, thank you for this new dawn, today bring to memory so many moments and situations in which we experience your power hand, your care of love, your paternal tenderness. Where we would be today if we had not helped? How much security we experience today to look back and remember the way gave us response and us redeem even of hazards or perceived ourselves to our side. Praise you with all our hearts and with all our being to bless, and we will remember all your benefits! My God forgave us all the evil we have done; It returned us health, delivered us from death, filled us with love and tenderness! My God give us always the best; It makes us strong like eagles!. Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".



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