"I will bless Jehovah at all times; his praise shall be continually in my mouth. In the Lord it glarier is my soul; the meek shall hear it, and rejoice" salm 34:1-2
COMPLEMENTARY passage: salm 27; salm 149

God father does not change ever, although many situations on a daily basis are harsh, although the road is difficult and full of obstacles, the sons of God are called to continue relying on the greatness of the Lord, and not faint at any time. His word invites us so we exalt and praise the name of our God, recognizing its power in every time and place.

Praise God at all times, that is, that no matter the time, circumstance or personal or family crisis that we are going through;simply, we need to develop a continuous and genuine praise. When we praise it we learn to trust and to rest in the LordWhen the fears are that seize our being, we must fight them praising, singing hymns and spiritual songs for the Lord. Praise him is to return our heart to God, and his very presence will be close to our lives.

Is God who frees us of all our fears, because many times we believe to be helpless and alone, but never so; the Lord promised us eternal presence and thus is fulfilled in our lives. Be victorious is to know that we belong to him to him and that nothing can harm us. We should practice more praise to the Lord, praise is a form of prayer that is pleasing to the Lord; God as father and Lord expected that us children praise him, so every day understand more about the greatness of the Lord.

Praise God in the midst of adversity give us confidence and strength to move forwardas it helps us to understand that the power of God is available to all those who decide to discover divine treasures in secret.


Dear God, thank you for the privilege of being today in your presence, thank you because every day you have a wonderful word that feeds our being; 
"Lord, today we praise you and we bless you, I know that rock of refuge for us because you need, confess that only you can give us the desires of our heart, and strengthen us in the middle of any adversity, Amen".

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".



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