"The Lord is the portion of my heritage and my cup; you support my luck. Strings I fell in pleasant places, and beautiful is the inheritance that has touched me"(Psalms 16:5-6)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Romans 4:18-22

Fears and the fear of the present and the future, usually lead to people to live a restless, anxious and even anguished. Every day we hear sad and unfortunate stories about diseases, accidents, disasters, failures and injustices, which fill us with concern and anxiety. In addition, each has faced many personal and family difficulties that with greater reason affect our emotional health and produce real conflicts in our soul.

It is necessary to understand that life is full of difficulties and tests that, for anyone who seeks God and gives his life to believe and obey him, all of them are converted into teachings that help us to good, then strengthen us, contribute to the formation of our character, allow us to grow in love and grow in the faith and patience so that each day can seem more like Christ, and enjoy your wonderful life.Every problem or difficulty occur then, in that which is based on faith in Christ, a greater capacity to face life as victorious, because already it will not depend on circumstances or people to her around, but from God, our good safer, our biggest wealth .

So King David understand it, and therefore based his life and the direction of his Kingdom, not on their intelligence, or in military strategy, or a powerful army, nor in the best team of counselors and advisers, but in God. Their fate was it and therefore always had victory in everything that undertook. David had the certainty that Jehovah was their heritage, the best of all, by that felt always rich, always lucky, always secure, and always happy.

When we trust in God and in his word, we don't have to experience fears and anxieties, but how can we trust him? Let the example of our father in faith, Abraham, to teach us:

-He believed in hope against hope.
-Not weakened faith in considering the unfavorable circumstances.
-Neither hesitated, because of unbelief, of God's promise.
-Be strengthened in faith, giving glory to God.
-Was always fully convinced that God was powerful to fulfill his promises

Definitely, there is no greater guarantee of well-being in our lives that make the Lord our treasure and our heritage. To Abraham he represented their happiness, joy, peace and the fulfillment of all his deepest dreams.


"Thank you Lord for allowing us to be in your presence we give. We have everything with you Mr. You are our everything. What more can we ask? Not anything for love to us you reserved. Thank you Lord, for the legacy of blessing that you gave us. "We ask that every day let us live enjoying your love and your paternity, Amen."

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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