martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

"Therefore I say unto you that everything you ask to pray, believe that you receive it, and it will come to you" (mark 11:24)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: John 15:7; Matthew 7:7-12 and 18:19

How important is to have that when we pray we are using the power of the world's largest. Necessary or desirable is that in our daily walk can implement this great power of prayer, whenever we find difficulties or face situations of adversity that we can not change, let us turn to the secret of prayer as the most effective method to move the hand of God on our behalf.

I will describe briefly one of so many and so many testimonies that I have heard recently, as a result of the sentence: some years ago a person almost desperate to not get a job, he decided to start a business, so tiny that its owner called it something like "my corner", but it came to pass that in a short time moved to a large local, turning it into a thriving business. Surprised many people asked him how he had done to grow that way, to which he responded: "fill this corner with thoughts of faith and prayers, I know the power of prayer and with it you can move mountains '.

Everyone can opt for that same formula to turn the impossible into possible. Those who practice it, we can ensure that it works, because we have found it effective results in your application. I want to tell you that on a personal level, when a problem or an unexpected situation arise, I discuss it directly with God in prayer; that of children father and no objections or fears as if it were an unknown person; I am not God as if he were a God distant and impossible to get, but as someone who is next to me, whether in the office, at home, on the road, in the car; I talk as a companion that I always by my side. This way I can submit prayer my whole life.

I encourage you to discover the amazing power of prayer, and how it is that you can put in the hands of God absolutely all Affairs of life, large and small, taking into account the following aspects:

-Present needs, not nonsense: ask for what is truly going to help you or others to be closer to God and have a straight heart in front of him. Ask for its spirit and always will have all the answers.
-Ask with faith and perseverance, do not get tired or faint.
-Ask in the name of the Lord Jesus, the beloved son.
-Order unit along with others who share the same faith and be careful of not harboring resentment or bitterness against anyone.
-Stay in obedience to God and to his principles.


"My beloved dad, thank you for allowing us to be in your presence, thank you because you have taken charge of our lives." Lord, we submit to Ti our understanding, we need you to consolidate our faith every day, so that we always believe in your promises. Teach us to pray as it should be, teach us to relate with you not so much for what you can give us, and to enjoy your love and your wonderful company. Amen."

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".

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