"I waited for me to the Lord, he waited my soul; I've waited in his word"(Psalm 130:5)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 42:1-2; Psalm 25:4-5
Our first aim should be the presence of God every day, to find there address and response that are in need. Like all the really important takes time and patience, also seek God and his word Guide, demand us expected. God does not desire, it does not suffer from anxiety. He will take the time necessary not only to give us the answer we need but to form our character, to give us the temple, maturity and strength to us equipped to face the challenges of life victorious.
Therefore, the search for God should be an experience that is necessary to learn to fully enjoy. It must become our greatest delight, in our main joy. In addition, this confident waiting brings in response the peace and quiet that our soul needs, as also the security that God will act or intervene in exposed situations. Being in the presence of God is a precious gift and a unique privilege. Expect our Father God, know that he has in his hands our life and control of everything, is the best medicine and more rest we can experience.
"In the Lord there is mercy, and abundant redemption" said the continuation of this beautiful Psalm. So how can't wait on it? We cannot continue the modern stream of the cares and fatigue, we the children of God and so endless promises holders, we must learn to live, enjoying life with meaning and happiness; looking for rest in God through his word.
God's children do not have to live a hardworking and troubled; If we are really waiting for answers from the Lord, we must really wait on it and not let us pass by discouragement and much less by the cares and races in this world.
Dios will fulfill its purpose, nobody will prevent you to bless us, so today the invitation is to wait on him, his soul to wait on the Lord and his word. Lift up eyes to God, giving our heart, our doubts and fears, and through prayer experience that power that comes from on high, which gives us strength and renews our confidence. Let us not forget that "those who hope in the Lord will always to new forces'.
"Father, thank you for letting us live a day more together to you, from the depths of our hearts cry out, Lord hear our prayer, are " tuned your ears to the voice of our appeal, and teach us every day to wait in Ti; because there is abundant redemption and mercy. Our soul is thirsting for the living God, show us, o Lord, your ways, teach us your ways, move in the truth because you are the God of our salvation; in you we have waited all the time." Amen.
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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro


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