"My flesh and my heart fail; more rock my heart and my portion is God forever». Psalm 73:26

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 84:2-7

Today there are many who fail, but how few wanted the output to rise from their conflicts! At times like these, we all need a place of refuge where rest assured.

The presence of the living God is our safety, it is whoever encourages us and strengthens us every day. Those who have learned to run their refuge to find us with him through prayer, we witness how much peace we have obtained for our needy heart.

The joy and the benefits of a life seeking God, enjoy now and forever, generation after generation. Such as King David says: "The Lord is the portion of my heritage and my cup; You support my luck". (Psalm 16:5).

The presence and care of God clear of our mind the impossible and fears, because hope and confidence in God, beyond fear and suffering in anyone who has made God his rock hard and your safety.

When we come to God, in the midst of suffering, insecurity, pain, distress, and pour out our hearts before him, without a doubt, we wake up victorious.

God will always bring us successful in times of struggle. In difficult times we can receive assistance, and comfort of God, it is the daily portion that we need to be strong.


"Lord, thank you for this beautiful Sunrise we allow to live, to love, always have your arm extended to us." Today woke up our hearts and we take your hand, because we understand that you, that gives us the strength to move forward, you are our refuge and strength that is why we bless you and praise you.How good are your dwellings, o Lord of hosts! Our soul longs for and still craves the courts of Jehovah. Our hearts and flesh sing with joy to the living God blessed are those who live in your House! You continuously thank. Blessed are those who have our strength in Ti, and in whose heart are your ways! Amen"

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".



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