"Then he told the crowd that it lean on Earth; taking the seven loaves, gave thanks, he broke them and gave to his disciples so that they put them forward; and put them in front of the crowd." (Mark 8:6)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Mark 8:1-10

In this passage see us how Jesus had raised to his disciples a critical situation: there is a multitude with hunger carrying three days without eating (only by the desire to be near Jesucristo and listen to him). It was necessary to do something! Immediately, his disciples react and respond you: where are we going to get four thousand loaves?, could someone do this?

It seems that they have forgotten who were. They had already seen him heal many sick, multiply loaves, and walking on the sea. However, they were still disbelievers, hard of heart, ye of little faith; they did not know or did not understand, with whom were still.

The Lord acts as if they had not told anything, ignores his logical and reasonable sense. The Lord's answer is simple and full of security and confidence: "do many loaves have?". He was not focused on the problem as his disciples. He was anticipating the solution. Only asks: what resources do we have?, what count?, and then proceeded to perform the miracle: four thousand people ate, and were filled.

Many times the Lord has responded and has removed us from harsh and difficult situations, and when appears another test, us scared and we are filled with arguments logical and of faith, forget who it is that is on our side.

This is also a great lesson for those people that we are hoping to have much to do something, and for those who expect a miracle without doing anything.

The Lord teaches that no matter the size of the need, it is higher than any. Never look at the dimension problem, disease, or responsibility, first look to see who is with you; Abraham didn't know where I was going, but he knew who accompanied him. Be sure to always be with the Lord and put resources in his hands, he multiplied them.


"Blessed Lord, thank you for allowing us to be in your presence again, what good is learning to know you more each day. Today we understand that although our resources are scarce, we have no fear if we need something, because when we put our trust in Ti, you multiply and you bless our shortage transforming it in abundance, Father God help us not to look at the size of our needs, but always to your side, always putting our resources and hope in your hands, your we will respond and we sustain. Amen".

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".



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