«Where you murieres, will I die, and there will I be buried; so make me Lord and I still add, that only death will make separation between us two. (Ruth 1:17)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Rut 1; Lamentations 3:22-26

Ruth, a young woman from a village called Moab, married to a young Jew son of Naomi, becomes a famous woman for the people, by their dedication and love towards his mother. Now face being a widow, she makes the decision to accompany her mother-in-law in the back to their land, Israel.

We ask ourselves could Ruth getting to this decision as important and transcendental for your life, without even thinking twice, or get to consult with third parties?

During the time she lived next to Naomi, I had known the Dios of Israel. Ten years had been sufficient to meet him and get to consolidate an intense fellowship with him. Therefore, he took the best decision; 'Your God shall be my God' (Ruth1:16). Having known the Dios of Israel, had led him to trust in him.

Only when Father God has captivated our hearts, to the extent that we know and we communicate with him, we can rely on your wonderful plans and sovereigns, and discover that our well-being is in their hands.

Ruth became of aid and relief to her mother-in-law, and very useful in the plans of God, because she got married again and his name appears in the ancestry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Consider how much personal blessing we receive and how much good we can bring to others when we give God first place in our life!.


"Eternal Father, thank you for being by our side on this day, want to thank you because you teach us about how important is loyalty, through the life of a woman as Ruth. Today we ask that you would teach us to be faithful with you, above all things, we decide to find you, love you and give you the first place in our hearts. By the goodness of Jehovah is that we are not consumed, because never decay his mercies. Are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Jehovah is our portion, that is why, in it we will wait. Jehovah is good to those who wait, for the soul that seeks him. Well it's quietly wait for the salvation of Jehovah." Amen

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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".




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