"Hear, o Lord, my words; consider my groaning. It is attentive to the voice of my cry; My King and my God, because you will pray. O Lord, in the morning you will hear my voice; tomorrow I shall be presenting in front of you and wait"(Psalm 5:1)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Joshua 24:15; Psalm 138; Daniel 10:10-12

We must understand that as children of God, the greatest privilege that we can have is to meet personally with our father in heaven every day.

Prayer is the decisive factor for a Christian life abundant and happy. It is not only to pray but do so with longing, longing, expectation, as a boy who goes to meet his loving father.

Through prayer many men and women are attracted to Christ, we are strengthened in moments of weakness or difficulty, many tragedies are avoided, and give solutions to difficult problems, Governments can change and above all, the forces of evil are defeated.

It is very interesting to know what the sentence meant to great men that they experienced the power of God in their lives and were totally well-rooted. An example of constant and genuine search for God is King David. Every day, he expressed his feeling and his cry, waiting for answer to his prayer. For him, as for the great men of the Bible faith, seek God every morning, it was not a moral obligation, nor in an amulet, in a tradition, it was the normal activity of any child who knows that the most important, in their daily living, is to agree with his father from the first moment of the day. They stood very early to hear the voice of God. This devotional staff, represented the manna from heaven, the livelihoods of their lives, the river of living water cannot flow.

Do you want to become a victorious man? I ask him to accept the challenge of being a priest of his family. Farm with his wife and their children, this daily time at Heavenly cell. They will be the most profitable moments of your life and those who give, the best dividends.


"Lord thank you for the privilege you give us live a day more, than to be in your presence, to be able to converse with you, hear us, o Lord, our prayers;" consider our groaning, is attentive to the voice of our cry; My God, because you will pray. O Lord, in the morning you will hear our voice; tomorrow we will present in front of you and wait. Help us to be a people of faith. That get you every day to become our biggest priority. That your holy spirit enables us to transmit our faith to our families and each day, we can pray to bringing blessing to their lives"

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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