«Then they solemnly promised that they would seek to Jehovah the God of their parents, with all your heart and with all your soul.» (2 Chronicles 15:12)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: 2 Chronicles 15: 1-12; 34:31-33

The genuine search for God means to enter into communion with him, enjoy his presence, his love and his mercy Great men of God; as Jehoshaphat, David, Daniel and others, won their spiritual battles with the infallible weapon: the prayer and fasting.

The man was designed to rely on God, his trainer. When it does, it will look for 'something' or 'someone' who cling, you inspire you safety and strength to live.

We were designed to have communion with God, or father and owner of our lives, our souls will never find rest outside their presence, as there, is where our greatest needs are supplemented.

God already took the initiative to look for us, opened the way to get to it, now we must decide to seek it, independent of any circumstances, knowing that when we do it with all my heart, he leaves us to meet to do us good.

Commit ourselves to God, and things will be in an extraordinary manner. The benefits of seeking God are great:

* We will enjoy peace and protection in the midst of a troubled society. (Chronic 2 15:5-7).

* We will charge strength and encouragement. Your search allows us to be always full of enthusiasm. (Chronic 2 15:8).

* «The altar of our heart repaired»; We won't have idols, we will always give to him, the first. (Chronic 2 15:8).


"Lord thank you for this new day in our lives, today we understand that we need Ti, that every day we must find you as a preferential issue of our joy." Lead us to become people that we use the weapons that made it so special to those men of the Bible. We pray that prayer and fasting are in our live, the tools through which we see your power and your glory. Amen"

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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