"Oh Lord, I hear your Word and feared." O Lord, revives your work in the middle of the times, in the middle of time make it known; in wrath remember mercy" Habacuc 3:2
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Genesis 18:16-33
Today the children of God have a great responsibility to be intercessors and true worshippers, be intercessors means taking the spiritual needs of a nation in crisis and present them before the Lord; and fruit of this intercession take commitment carry the message of the Lord to everyone. 
We know that God is love, and that his mercy is forever, but this does not mean that the Lord does not meet his judgment on the Earth; Knowing this we have to bring fear to the Lord and his word, but also to trust in him. A person who learns to intercede so taking the example of the Prophet Habakkuk. Her intercession was timely, he knew the power of God, knew closely his immense kindness, and that dared to pray and expect that he would do according to his designs.

Learn about the Justice of the Lord must not produce us fear or insecurity, because with it we are sure; fear cannot be a pretext to become intercessors, as just seen us around and see how much need there are people of the knowledge of the Lord. The condition of a people who do not fear God is fatal, but it is enough to make memory of the mercies of the Lord to keep believing that we can do something, While we the sons of God us to worry sincerely be light in the darkness and proclaimers of the good news, our heavenly father is conducive to that cry.

We must be fully convinced that the goodness of the Lord we will always reach and in his power is our strength and our high refuge.
"Heavenly thank you father, have mercy on us and give us a new day in our lives, in your presence today do memory of your wonders which we can't tell, but on this day we implore the spiritual need of our families, brothers, friends and this country, because we see that some do not know you and you do not fear; teach us to intercede each day, firmly believing that even if you make your judgments enforced, we your children will be covered in your kindness." Amen


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