"Okay, good servant;" as in what little you've been faithful, have authority over ten cities"(Luke 19:17)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Luke 19:11-27; 1 Corinthians 4:1-2
What surprising to know that as mandated by this noble man to his servants amounted to the wage of a worker for nearly a hundred years of workThis shows the confidence that God has in each of his sons to give us a multiplicity of talents and expect from us the best results. Likewise, this well known teaching of Jesus reveals to us also the keen interest of the Lord in reward every good work, all attitude of loyalty and persistence, all dedicated, diligent and effective work.
The Lord's call is to make us wise in managing each of these talents he has given us. What God expects of us as his administrators, is that at the time of accountability be found faithful in everything. This is accomplished when we recognize that life can be an experience where only seek our own well, or You can be the opportunity for, free of all selfishness, we decide to serve God

We do says a lot of what we are. Every job is a self-portrait of the person who performs it and true excellence is on the way as we meet the small delegations and we perform the simplest tasks. God asks us to do things with excellence and to be honest even in the smallest details.
Riches in heaven are much more valuable than the earthly and that is why, if we are not reliable with these (money, health, talent), no matter how much or how little we have, we are not able to take care of the great riches of the Kingdom of God. We appreciate all the things that God has given us, we are grateful, loyal and reliable, so that he can delegate us even more. Our desire and decision should be the attitude that the two men who multiplied received had: faith, tenacity, courage, work and effort. If this do put our talents to the service of God, also of his hand will receive wonderful and eternal rewards. 


"Dear Father, thanks we give you for being by our side, we thank you for trusting us to give us so many gifts and talents, for showing me once again the greatness of your love and your many mercies. "We ask that you teach us to be faithful, to be diligent and hardworking to manage with wisdom that you have entrusted to us: our health, family, profession, country and our lives". Amen


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