"And you, Solomon, my son, recognizes the God of your father, and serve him with perfect heart and voluntary spirit;" for the Lord searches the hearts of all, and understands every attempt of the thoughts. If you seek him, you will find him; But if you forsake him, he you cast off forever." 1 Chronicles 28:9
COMPLEMENTARY passage: John 5:39, 2 Timothy 3:16
Obedience to God is the secret of the lives that triumph; for King David was his lifestyle and how he had learned to interact with it. On multiple occasions failed to verify that another way to be blessed and prospered there was in their walk, apart from fidelity to God and his word, therefore not hesitate to emphasize his son Solomon the way how it should lead in the course of his life.
Obey and put work the commandment of God, requires that we cultivate our life daily communion with him, leaving it to change our hearts, so that it becomes to righteousness and integrity before God. In other words, a perfect heart to fear him, to know him and to faithfully follow their wisdom teachings. Salomon was in later learning to seek God, not to forget it or of their law; you should understand that only depending on the Almighty was that he could be sure his Kingdom.
We must also ask God to give us a heart perfect, clean, pure and humble to acknowledge him in all our ways, if we want to live secure and confident we cannot side these mandates, since only the Lord can show us the true path, and take us along paths of blessing. However, if we let it, if our heart rejects him, if we become stubborn and start to act according to our opinion, Dios also leave us adrift of our decisions.
Continuously the Lord makes us the same call so that we shelter in our hearts his words which are life and give us security and firmness. Where does our confidence? is our heart willing to obey? Pope God blesses us with his word by telling us: "the fear of the Lord is for life, and he will live full standing man;" not be visited of evil." (Proverbs 19:23) 
"Father kindly thank you for this new opportunity to life that we give, today also we beg you to give us a perfect heart to fear you all the days of our lives, to obey you and to love your law; help us identify you in all our ways, don't let that we stay adrift of our decisions and thoughts, guide our steps and invigorates your words in us, scan the hearts of all, and allow us to understand that if you are looking for, you will find; If you leave, you we leave forever". Amen


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