"Blessed is he who thinks of the poor; in the evil day Jehovah will deliver it. Jehovah saves it, and give it life; you will be blessed in the Earth, and you do not deliver it to the will of his enemies. Lord sustain it on the bed of pain; You soften all his bed in his illness"(Psalm 41: 1-3)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Luke 10:25-37
We have thought of many men and women prevented us selfishness enjoy a wonderful promise? Not happens to us, we're going to lose this reward as large as it is to live a quality of life here on Earth, prosperous and abundant, with the blessing and favor of God, being saved, care and even comforted by it in times of adversity.
I remember a famous story that teaches us about the riches that we have when we think of the most needy and disadvantaged. This was a poor boy who was selling goods door to door to pay for school, and one day found that only had a single dime coin and was hungry. It was decided that it would ask food in the next House. However, his nerves betrayed him when a charming woman opened the door, he asked water instead of food. She thought that the young man seemed hungry, so he brought a big glass of milk. He drank it and asked how much they owed him. "I have nothing," she replied. Since then the young man was then very happy.
Years later this woman seriously ill, local doctors were confused and she was finally sent to a specialist to study her rare disease. When he saw her, I recognized her instantly and from there put all their interest in his life. After a long struggle, the battle was won with the disease with the valuable help of the specialist. When they went to send the invoice total of expenses to the young woman, the doctor asked that he would sign it and placed something on the edge of the sheet; She feared to open it because I knew that it would take the rest of your life to pay all the expenses, but finally opened it and read at the end of the account "paid in full for many years now with a glass of milk"... tears of joy flooded her eyes and her happy heart prayed thus: "thank you God because your love is manifested in human hearts and hands"
Now, the invitation is to go and do the same. Let's start saving on the Bank of God all acts of love and kindness, especially to the poorest and most vulnerable. Never shall not want us and our families!
"Father of goodness thanks for allowing us to be in your presence, how easy is harvesting your blessing, your help and your unconditional support. We just have to believe, trust, Act, and give without measure. That your holy spirit place goodness, kindness and love in our hearts, so that our life reflects the sweet love of Jesus. Let us save the Bank of God all acts of love and kindness. Let us be consolation and help anyone in need." Amen


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