"How great is your goodness, which you have saved for those who fear you, that you have shown to those who await you, in front of the children of men!" In the secret of your presence you hide them conspiracy of man; put them in a Tabernacle to containment of languages covered"(Psalm 31:19-20)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Zechariah 1:3, Psalm 5:11
It is good know that all circumstances of our lives are controlled by our beloved Dios! Know that he loves us and has care of us, allows us to stand firm in our faith, regardless of what might happen to our around. God is good to all, but in this biblical passage they are described as the special object of his kindness, care and protection, those who fear him and sitting on it. In times of persecution, the Providence of God hides them, as sacred canopy, keeping them safe from their enemies.
There are beautiful stories that illustrate us this promise, but one from which most move me, is that of Nehemiah. At the time of the exile of Israel in Babylon, for the years 450-440 BC, arose this civic, and spiritual leader that although he served as cupbearer to King Artajerjes I, felt a deep need to return to their destroyed Jerusalem, to help start its rebuilding, and thus prepare the return of the Jewish people to their land.
It was an impossible task, for the speed with which had to be carried out, by the widespread discouragement among the poor inhabitants who had remained in the city, and by the presence of some incisive enemies that constantly discouraged the people that leave work and the city walls were not rebuilt. Surprises the bravery of this man to humble himself constantly in front of God, every difficulty, before entering the temple, prostrating and crying with the protection and support of God.
Before each attack, he and his people prayed fervently and reinforcing work, doing shift work and guard, day and night. In this way, the village remained motivated, without that teasing and calumnies of their enemies to weaken them. The result? The wall was completed in 52 days. But more importantly, that it had begun the reconstruction of the spiritual life of the people, taking the first step for the social, political and economic reconstruction of a nation.
If we keep files to God, waiting in his presence, he will do the best for us. You will keep us, and we will never have to be embarrassed.
"Dios thank you for this new day under your protection and mercy, what good is to wait on you, knowing that you have the best for us." We want to know you more, to discover, in the secret of your presence, these wonderful promises of salvation and abundant life. Help us keep us faithful to Ti, convinced that your will do the best for us, protect us under the shadow of your wings you will find refuge; It extends your protection, and you we will rejoice all that we love you." Amen
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Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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