"In the elderly is science, and the long-age intelligence. With God are wisdom and power; yours is the advice and intelligence"(Job 12:12-13)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 92: 1-15 

For the common people to reach the stage of old age is somewhat bleak, but not so much because they fear to face the biological changes of their cells, but by the influence of a culture that worships to physical beauty, youth, to the material and passenger's life, but that does not recognize the importance of spiritual values, wisdom and comprehensive wealth that people acquire over the years.

Know how interesting what you think the author of life! Let the echo of the sweet voice of Jesus to remember us one of his most precious teachings: "anyone, then, that he hears these words, and does them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon the rock. Rain, he descended and came rivers, winds blew and beat against that House; and did not fall, because it was founded on the rock. But anyone who hears these words and don't do them, will liken you unto a foolish man, which built his house on sand; and dropped rain, came rivers, winds, blew and gave with momentum against that House; and fell, and great was its ruin" (Matthew 7:24-27).

When a man or woman of God the center of your life, it can withstand any circumstance, with height and dignity for difficult to be; This enables them to live with excellence, working with zeal and tenacity, and striving, with the forces of God, by the same request until the end. They do not fear the passage of time, not feel insecure or are discouraged before your face grooves or threads of silver in his hair. This will take you to enjoy this stage to fullness, considering a beautiful opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God, deepen knowledge and obedience to his word, while he changing them every day. In this way they become these virtuous people making love, appreciation, trust and recognition of the family and of society, because they become wise counselors, true leaders that will lead others to happiness, harmony and peace, as the Sage said it long ago Solomon "the glory of youth is its strength", and the beauty of the elderly is his old age." (Proverbs 20:29).


"Amado Padre, thank you for this new day in our lives, thank you because we always see valuable and useful." We will always be your beloved children and regardless of our age or condition, you have called us to shine in the world, to show your glory, to become an instrument of your blessing. We now know that age will never be an excuse to fail to see your glory. "We love you with all our hearts and let us each day be transformed by your Word and thus be virtuous persons, to be wise counselors and real leaders". Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".




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