"Listen, children, parent education, and stay tuned, so that you may know sanity. Because I give good education; abandon not my law." (Proverbs 4:1 - 2)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Proverbs 4:1-27; Ephesians 4:22-24

Is dramatic note many people who could be influential in life, but unfortunately the conformism, lack of commitment, lack of faith, preclude them from achieving these excellent purposes for which they were created. Get Excel and influencing others with our example require that we commit totally. The way that the Lord tells us to distinguish ourselves in our daily living, is returning us to him and learn to work your instructions, recognizing him in all our ways that is, in the way we think, feel, Act and decide. Many people are busy by shine with their own light, by Excel in their activities, strive to form the family model, exemplary children; also for being professionals, employees, entrepreneurs, virtuous teachers, etc. But I want to say that although these efforts are good, they are neither correct nor sufficient; any determination we make our own discretion regardless of the divine principles, will lead to certain failure. On the other hand, what gain get acquiring wisdom?

-Wisdom will protect us to make wrong choices, leading us to live more peaceful, safe and happy.

-We will take care of you and will save many dangers and failures, because God will be our helper and friend

-Wisdom we placed in honor, as it will lead us down the road of truth and honesty, in which God is well pleased and rewarded.

-Wisdom brightens us, makes us shine and be special.

-Wisdom will keep us from putting our principles into play, will keep us going the way of the perverse.

-Wisdom enables us to live a life that is holy, just, with meaning and happiness.

-Our paths will be illuminated by the light of Christ's perfect, so we will not walk in darkness.

Any activity, work or profession we have and fallout to perform with excellence deserves that we look forfirst the wisdom and the intelligence that God gives. Then, we will have clarity in our minds and our thoughts will be uplifting, positive, creative and progressive. Also have emotional balance which will take us to act not based on fluctuating emotions or as it tells us the "heart", but according to the infallible guide divine. And as if outside little, wisdom will provide us with volitional thrust, which is to say, the ability to determine something and take it to a successful conclusion, using effectively the full potential that God has given us The invitation is to receive this good teaching and to put it into practice so that everything goes well, or better still, excellently.


"Blessed and beloved father thank you for being at your side in this new dawn, today we ask that you have our hearts to seek the wisdom that comes from on high; We ask that you keep our hearts and teach us to do it all to glorify you. "Help us to pull ourselves out of perversity, away from the falseness of our lips, which look at our eyes straight, and everything that comes from Ti, that all our paths are correct and do not let us away from Ti neither left nor right". Amen

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".




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