"Most who looks intently into the perfect law of liberty, and persevere in it, not forgetting forgetful, but doing the work, he will be blessed in what he does" (Santiago 1:25)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: 2 Timothy 1:3-14

God has arranged that oriented and judicious exercise of will, man can achieve absolutely the best and most excellent which he has put at your disposal. He never will give us nothing easy, since it is a parent and also shape us as children.

We all know that a child is given to all and in an easy manner, is spoiled child, you and is spoiled him. He becomes proud, insensitive and capricious. It is not able to assess the riches it possesses and too often wasted multiple opportunities that give. Vintage large frustrations and failures and ends up blaming him of his mistakes, everyone else. On the other hand, when man has to fight and sacrifice for something, giving the best of yourself and giving your best effort, it is capable of rating, appreciate and care for what they achieved. The exercise of perseverance lifts victorious, with a character strong, mature and responsible men and women.

However, it is necessary to clarify that a person can insist on something inconvenient for itself or for others, and in this case, already not we would be talking about a winner but a fool. It is necessary that we recognize our inability to identify what suits us or not, and regardless of our age, we are willing to recognize that the precept that comes from God is good, pure, and perfect; his commandments cleaned our way, its law leads us to freedom.

We must insist then and be absolutely steadfast in carefully hear the word of God. Look for it as gold, craving it as a silver, attempt it as a precious stones. And then? We do as we have heard, at the foot of the letter and promptly. The result will be great, because the promise says that we will be blessed, we will see God acting for us, giving us the excellent.


"Beloved father thank you for this new day in our lives, we thank you for your wise advice which saves us from sadness and frustration. We gave up to make our own decisions and call the fullness of your holy spirit so you spill in us the wisdom to know your law and patience, faith and self-control we need to persevere in obedience. Not be a forgetful hearers, but some makers faithful and this way receive your blessing and your favor Dios saved us and chose us to make us part of your holy people. We didn't do anything to deserve it, but that God, by his great love, planned as well. God showed us that great love through what Jesucristo our Savior did for us. Because he destroyed death and has given us eternal life." Amen


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