"Those who sow in tears, joyfully reap." You will be walking and crying which takes the precious seed; more returns come with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves"(Psalm 126:5-6)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Psalm 126:1-6; Isaiah 61:1-11
This promise reminds me a young woman who asked God value for face the loss of their son who failed to be born in a hospital bed. Not called for an explanation, because his mind would never understand it. He asked for strength and courage, and that God was on their side. He opened the Bible and there was the response that brought solace and hope to their lives, health and restoration of his grief, healing, and medicine to his pain. Was the promise that their tears, not anger or bitterness, but deep need, would be wipe by the tender and compassionate God. The pain would be changed in joy, shortages in fruit and tears into smiles. He had the heart to believe, joined his bed and decided, nonetheless, be happy.There were plenty of reasons to be it! The conclusion of the story? God fulfilled. Some years later, she smiled surrounded not only three beautiful and healthy children, but countless spiritual sons, who were willing to follow his example. They were precious sheaves that cheered his heart now.
Our life is full of challenges and goals, many of them difficult to reach. But God wants us to see his glory, leading us to victory, while walking on our side holding us from his hand, in the middle of the obstacles in our lives; obstacles that are often necessary and always useful, in the process of helping us to grow, to mature, to strengthen and to develop with a solid, strong and victorious character.
We can not sadden us or discourage us, or much less give it up when faced with the lack of results, or not when we have to go through adversity. If we feel that it assaults us fear and doubt, the inability and weakness to fight, don't wait to fast changes and quick wins. Rather, to cry out to God for help. It will not remove the obstacle every time, but it will always tell you: "Let yourself be taken by the hand and we will do it together"... "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and if by the rivers, not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you do not burn, nor shall the flame kindle upon you. Am I the Lord, God, the Holy one of Israel, your Savior"(Isaiah 43:2-3)
"Father well thanks for this day so wonderful that we allow living, today we do understand that life is a gift, and you want to join us to enjoy it. As well as the father let his young son cry, whenever you send it to the school, so it matures and grows, you have us to let live certain circumstances which are responsible for our lives. But the difference is that you do remain on our side, offering your help, your support and your love. Thank you for being our father!". Amen


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