"And the effect of Justice will be peace; and the work of Justice, quietness and assurance forever"(Isaiah 32:17-18)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Nehemiah 5:1-19

Throughout history, man has always dreamed of peace, but not passed, but perennial, and for this reason has tried several ways:

• He sought knowledge, but this was not the answer, because you just filled your heart with pride and was more difficult to recognize your spiritual need.
• The education he sought, but no model has worked to transform the heart of man.
• It sought wealth, but this generated him more conflicts and wars.
• It looked for the war to end injustice, and this generated him more injustice and violence.
• Sought to change the political and moral structures, but as the man was still the same, nothing happened.

In the end, all that search proved fruitless and all that is observed is that each day over the peoples of the Earth suffer injustice, which is the mother of violence: poverty, corruption, impunity, prostitution, domestic abuse, orphan hood, hunger, unemployment, lack of access to education, increased excessive taxes, etc. However, all of these actual symptoms are the consequence and not the cause of a sick society.

The real cause lies in the lack of leadership. Jesus Christ established this singular principle when after his country, "and seeing the crowds, he had compassion; because they were homeless and scattered like sheep that have no Shepherd"(Matthew 9:36), added: “Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest"(Matthew 9:38) workers pastors... Refers to those true leaders which open the way to lead a process of change, leading to those directed to experience a better quality of life, and in the process nourishes them, feeds, supplements and pastor.

These are men and women of faith, formed within the fear of God, the person of the Holy Spirit dwells in whose lives and therefore are directed by God as useful tools to bring peace and joy. They are people who recognize that God is the Supreme source of all authority and, therefore, pay his life and wishes to him, achieving through obedience and integrity, it occurs in them, no longer selfish desires, but love and compassion of Christ, these are the ones who allow that Christ, the Prince of peace live in and through them, manifesting itself in all its actions works of peace and effects of prosperity, development and well-being for the peoples of the world. Let us pray that it does.


'Fair father, thank you for allowing us to be again in your presence, today we know that the urgent need is to rise up leaders in accordance with your heart, through which you can govern with justice each family and people and nation, because the result will be the peace, knowing that you are peace and therefore invite you to reign in us and to use our lives for your divine purposes and to be true leaders of our honest till the way to lead a process of change, leading to everyone to experience a better quality of life, and to recognize you as the only supreme source of all authority."." Amen


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