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"Listening to Jesus, said to him: do not be afraid;" you only believe and be saved." (Luke 8:50).

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Luke 8:40-56

The suffering of our loved ones not only must cause us sadness, but it should prompt us to be on their knees and pray to God for his intervention. Sometimes God's answer to our need to come right away, our concern ends and fix it with a quick "thank you Lord"; but in those circumstances in which the problem persists for hours, days, or years which attitude is that we assume?

The Bible recounts a beautiful example of faith. A man named Jairus, one of the main of the synagogue, came to Jesus, and fell down at his feet begged him that he accompany him home where his only daughter was dying; While this was happening, they came home with the sad news that his daughter had just died. I invite you to think for a moment that you are the man of history. She is in place and you will agree that surely the grief and discouragement would invade it, his mind and heart are causing in the absolute sadness and with no hope, he would return home to bury her daughter. However, before that Jairus could react, Jesus heard the news and with deep compassion and authority at the same time, says the most wonderful and hopeful words: "do not be afraid; only believe, and be saved".

Jairo may have believed their relatives that they told him: "All is lost" "No can do" "do not disturb more master" "your daughter is dead", and lose all hope , but it decided to hear and believe what Jesus said to him: "Do not fear". So he did and his daughter was saved.

This is the answer that everyone who is present before God to cry and pray for his family will receive the Almighty. The only thing we must do is to cultivate a genuine faith. That I know very well who is our hope.

May be that we are now facing a situation of pain, a health problem or an economic necessity, and despite our insistence we have not received response and solution. Today the invitation is to renew our faith, dedication to God and hope in him. Holding us much more strongly to the lap of the father in heaven, while listening to his encouraging words: "Is there something that is hard for me?"


"Lord Jesus thank you for allowing us to live this new day and ask for your intervention, confess that many times we lose patience and we discouraged in difficult circumstances facing our families." Teach us to believe, help us to trust. We know that we must not listen to discouraging voices in the world but the voice of him who can do everything, he is above any situation. Teach us to understand your method and wait for your response times. O Lord, believe us you answer, that this situation will happen, and that our family will know that you are our sole provider and Sustainer. Amen"

Forward it to who you think you need this message, it will thank you.

Message based on the devotional "call to prayer Lolita Cruz de Chamorro".


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