"As one whom his mother comforted so you will comfort me to you and in Jerusalem will take comfort" (Isaiah 66:13)
COMPLEMENTARY passage: Isaiah 66:10-14; Psalm 48:1-14
Every word of God is a permanent invitation to enjoy the abundant, prosperous and fruitful life that only he can give us. All command, precept and Ordinance laid down by God in his word is not anything the way Dios has decided to bless us. There are many promises in Scripture that specifically relate to be recipients of great blessings, to have a land that God loves, Jerusalem in high esteem. It is the land chosen by God, is the dwelling place or room of the Lord, it is the Holy land. Visit Jerusalem is to go to a personal encounter with God, retrace the footsteps of Jesus, check that the Bible remains in place and a commitment to the vision of win the world for Christ.
It is true that we can approach God anywhere, but one that is given a special appointment with his father God in his own House, with a proper spiritual vision and on the basis of these promises, will enjoy it. Now, this blessing that God promises is integral, i.e., covers all areas of our life, as the blessing that comes from a mother to her children: security and trust in the divine protection, peace and calm in the midst of difficult circumstances, health and physical strength, restoration and healing of wounds and missing in the soul, revival and the spirit prosperity and welfare in all our hands, blessing and protection for our Earth.
But, as if outside little, also the Lord has promised to let us rejoice with Jerusalem. Each pilgrim who goes to holy land has been able to experience how God change his lament in dance and filled his being of an inexplicable joy, the joy of his Holy presence. This deep security and trust, that gives us strength to fight and move forward victorious is primarily problem and circumstances, which we know as the comfort of God. It is much more than a pat on the back. It is the certainty of her vivid, palpable and real, presence that changes our weakness into strength, our sadness into joy, our uncertainty in hope. It is the presence that it filled everything, it supplies everything and it satisfies all.
"Lord, thank you for giving us another sunrise in our lives, to be our father, and book a great blessing to our lives in Jerusalem. Today, we ask that you save and protect this unique place on Earth. Grant us the blessing of climb this year to Jerusalem, to enjoy there your love and your consolation, receive your home security and confidence, peace and calm in the midst of difficult circumstances, health and physical strength, restoration and healing of the wounds, missing in the soul, revival and power to the spirit, prosperity and welfare in all our hands bliss and protection for our land". Amen


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