"Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be in your lap. for with the measure you use, you will be back to measure"(Matthew 6:38)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Luke 8:1-3; 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

There are several passages that can be found in the Bible about the blessings of giving, and that giving means provide, give, provide, transmit and transfer something. In the above passage the Lord challenges us to give and assures us great rewards. When we decided to give, does give much beyond the material; In addition, it involves cultivating a joyful attitude to the time to do so.

The Bible makes reference to the timely intervention of some women in the Ministry of Jesus; that were moved by a sincere gratitude, for having received a benefit, he pledged to give their personal property; as well as their time and talents, because travelling together with Jesus and the disciples to the places where you were preaching the Gospel.

Not fit doubt that they were happy to have known to be more wonderful, Jesus, who had provided them an opportunity to start a new life, giving them the gift of salvation. Jesus had shown them valuable and talented that were, by allowing them to follow him to different places where he traveled to preach.

They practiced the generosity, and not closed his hands and less heart to give the best of themselves; and passed into history, as women of value, receiving "measurement good, abundant... measurement countless love... loyalty, provision..." from God. Christ is our model to imitate, is the ultimate expression of generosity, delivery, resignation, love, etc. It is therefore to be impacted by his love, one immediate response becoming kindhearted, generous and collaborators.Ask God to allow us to give with joy with joy that will allow us to provide excellent, best.


Lord, thank you for giving us a new day in our lives, thank you because you have also healed and delivered our being. Now we are in your hands and we also have to give you the best of our lives. Give us a heart generous with our neighbor, because while we depend on your provision, shall we not want. Your Word teach us which gives little, receives little; which gives much, receives much and each one must be given according to believe that should do it. We don't have to give with sadness or by obligation. God loves who gives with joy! God can give us many things, so we have everything you need and even more. God gives seed is sowing and bread that feeds us, so it will also give us everything you need, and will have more and more, so that they can help others. So, will be more that thank God, with them we thanks and we will honor God. Also they pray for us with love, because God has shown his kindness to them. Thank God for what has given us! It is so valuable that there are no words to describe it!" Amen.


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