"Misleading is grace, and vana beauty; "the woman that feareth the Lord, that shall be praised" (Proverbs 31:30)

COMPLEMENTARY passage: Luke 1:26-56

It is necessary that the woman "delete" all that culture, the environment, fashion, habits and customs dictate him, preventing him from developing a full and happy, full and transcendent life as God designed it. Women today must find its true meaning and purpose for living, because this is the only way of avoiding to be carried by the wave of environment, becoming what media want to make of it, and experiencing a deep unhappiness in its interior.

Only the truth of Jesus can make free women of today, free from the bondage of their old way of being, his false ego, his life for appearances. The perfect truth of Jesus gives freedom to the woman to make it everything that God intended it to be: image and his likeness, workmanship of God, created with love to experience total acceptance and worth, and created to love, in order to transmit blessing, harmony and beauty to the world.

Is that our heavenly father and perfect Designer, our divine architect, calls on all women of the world, to return to its true purpose, the be blessing to the world, as it meets his role as appropriate, complement and support for the male, the family and society. Only then, women will feel really full and complete, as Dios supernaturally enables it to this mission. On the other hand, the woman who lives for itself, that is not committed with his family and the society, feels frustrated because it is not serving the purpose for which it was designed, and which was enriched with a great multitude of gifts and talents of our Father God. Selfishness always will bring sadness and loneliness to the life of the woman.

Insofar as women are daily with the lusted for the love of God, you will discover the way that operates this love, bringing them healing and inner beauty that develops and makes grow, begin to transmit blessing, and become better wives, mothers, sisters, leaders, allowing them to conquer their own happiness and that of all those who are at its around. This woman who the Bible calls "virtuous", because its victorious nature, their happiness and their success to their rich spiritual life, leading him to be rewarded by God and recognized by their family and society.


"Good father, thank you for creating me with love and mastery. Let me grow a deep and permanent relationship with you, to take me to develop a great inner strength and the ability to be persistent, tenacious, fighter, enthusiastic, constant, creative and excellent in everything I do. Teach me to love myself, life and others, as you love me. "Thus, all my thoughts, actions, decisions and actions, will be quite beneficial, will bring peace to my around and cause an impact of joy and gladness in the heart of all those who have placed you near me". Amen.


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